North Korea plans to crack down as Kim promotes internal unification


Seoul, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his best agent abuse their power as Kim Jong Un wants to be bigger and other “unhealthy and unrevolutionary” He demanded a crackdown on officials who perform “acts.” Internal unification to overcome the outbreak of COVID-19 and financial difficulties.

It was not clear how concrete actions were mentioned at the ruling Labor Party meeting on Sunday. However, the possibility of a state crackdown on such alleged acts could be an attempt to consolidate Kim’s national control and rally them behind his leadership in the face of domestic difficulties. , Says some observers.

Kim and other party secretaries said, “To engage in a more fierce struggle against unhealthy and unrevolutionary acts, including the abuse of power and bureaucracy revealed among some party secretaries.” The discussion was held, the Korean Central News Agency said.

Kim said he would strengthen the power of the party’s audit committee and other local disciplinary oversight systems to promote the party’s “monolithic leadership” and “the party’s broader political activity through a strong discipline system.” I ordered.

Kim has been “anti-socialist” domestically for the past two years amid external concerns about his country’s fragile economy, which has been hit by pandemic-related border closures, UN sanctions, and his own mismanagement. I have called for a fight against “practice”.

Tightening regulations on North Korea’s movements after the outbreak of COVID-19 could put additional strain on the country’s economic hardship, according to some experts.

North Korea admitted on May 12 that an Omicron variant of the coronavirus had infected people, after which about 4.5 million people (more than 17% of 26 million people) became ill with fever and only 72 died. He said he did. Foreign experts widely suspect that this outbreak is North Korea’s first, and statistics disclosed in state media have strengthened internal control and promoted his leadership to Kim. I believe it is being manipulated to prevent political damage.

At the Labor Party Congress last week, Kim argued that the pandemic situation had passed the “serious crisis” stage and asked authorities to correct “the shortcomings and evils of epidemic measures” and build a national anti-demic. I ordered you to take action. Pandemic ability.