North Korea reports another illness outbreak in the COVID-19 wave


Seoul, South Korea (AP) — North Korea reported an eruption of another infectious disease in addition to that one on Thursday. Outbreak of COVID-19 in progressLeader Kim Jong Un says he donated his private medicine to people suffering from a new illness.

It’s unclear how serious the new epidemic will be, but as North Korea needs greater public support to overcome pandemic-related difficulties, it’s time to polish Kim’s image as a life-conscious leader. Some external observers say they are likely to be aiming.

Kim provided family reserves to people diagnosed with an “acute intestinal epidemic” in southwestern Haeju on Wednesday, South Korea’s Central News Agency reported. A major North Korean Rodong Sinmun has published a separate photo showing that Kim and his wife Ri Sol-ju are reviewing the saline solution and other medicines they donated.

The KCNA did not elaborate exactly what the epidemic was and how many people were infected.

Some observers say that North Korea’s “typhoid fever” refers to infectious diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, and cholera, which are caused by contact with bacteria and the feces of infected people through contaminated food and water. It is said to refer to illness.

Such illnesses occur routinely in North Korea, where there are no good water treatment facilities and the public health infrastructure has remained largely broken since the mid-1990s.

After North Korea reported an increase in the number of patients with fever after admitting the outbreak of coronavirus last month, South Korean spy agencies said that a “significant number” of these fever cases were He said it included patients with illnesses such as measles, typhoons and whooping cough.

“The outbreak of measles and typhoid fever is not uncommon in North Korea. I think it is an infectious disease, but North Korea uses it as an opportunity to emphasize that Kim is taking care of the people. I am. ” DPRKHEALTH.ORG, A website focused on North Korean health issues. “That is, it’s more like a political message than a medical message.”

Last month, Kim had already sent family medicine to COVID-19 patients, according to state media reports.

KCNA said more than 4.5 million of the country’s 26 million people became ill due to unidentified fever, but only 73 died. Due to the apparent shortage of test kits in the country, the country has identified only a few of them as confirmed coronavirus cases.Many foreign experts Question the number of deaths in North KoreaIt says it is likely to be underreported to protect Kim from political damages.

During ~ Ruling party convention Last week, Kim claimed that the pandemic situation had passed the “serious crisis” stage. However, the country still maintains high restrictions, and some outside experts say it will further put pressure on the already troubled economies of countries hit by the long-term pandemic-related border closures and the United Nations. Sanctions.

Later on Thursday, South Korea’s Ministry of Unification renewed its North-South cooperation offer on health and medical issues. After North Korea acknowledged the outbreak of COVID-19, South Korea and the United States provided humanitarian transportation of vaccines, medicines and other aids, but North Korea did not respond.