North Korea sees “serious incident” after Covid expires

Kim Jong Un File Photo

Kim had previously admitted that the country had a “tensioned” food situation.

Kim Jong Un has beaten senior officials for the revocation that caused the “serious incident” associated with Covid-19, according to North Korean media reports.

This is a rare sign of the seriousness of the pandemic in North Korea, and previously claimed that there were no cases of Covid, but experts questioned this claim.

The country has closed its borders to prevent the virus.

However, coupled with international sanctions, this has led to food shortages and economic deterioration.

Kim previously admitted There was a “tensioned” dietary situation He told citizens to prepare for the “worst-ever” consequences and called for a comparison with the country’s deadly 1990s famine.

Earlier this week, state television aired a rare statement by Citizens commenting on Kim’s “weakened” look After he seemed to lose weight.

Kim negligently accused senior officials at a specially convened party leader meeting in a statement reported by the state-run news agency KCNA.

As a result, according to his comment in Korean, they “caused a serious incident that poses a great risk to the security of people and the country.”

The report then added that several members of the party had been recalled-including one member from a strong standing committee-consisting of five members, including Mr Kim himself.

However, the report does not reveal details of the case or identify officials.

What does your statement mean?

North Korean defector and researcher Ann Chan-il told AFP news agency that the report meant that the country was likely to have confirmed the Covid case.

He said it was also a signal that “Pyongyang probably needs international aid.”

“Otherwise, they would not have done this, because it necessarily involves admitting the administration’s own failure in its anti-epidemic efforts.”

Dr. Reif Eric Easley, an associate professor of international research at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, said the report showed a “deterioration” of health in North Korea.

“Mr. Kim will find the scapegoat of the case, kick out dishonest officials, and blame the expiration of their idealism,” he said.

“This may provide Pyongyang’s justification for citizens to demand more hunting, but it may also be a political preparation for accepting vaccines from abroad.”

How bad is the situation in North Korea?

North Korea has set strict restrictions, and state media is constantly urging citizens to be wary of the virus, even warning it at the end of last year. Be wary of “yellow sand” from China.. There is no known association between seasonal dust clouds and Covid-19.

Trade with North Korea’s major ally, China, has plummeted since the country closed its borders, and some food and medicines could not pass.

Aid groups warn about a serious food and economic crisis.

There have been reports in recent months of rising food prices, deaths from hunger, and an increase in the number of people begging for food.

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