North Korean defectors say she is “fearing” the “education” of her son’s socialists in a public school in the United States

North Korean defector and human rights activist Park Yeonmi, 28, criticized her statement at a public school in the United States as “a large-scale indoctrination from the left.”

In an interview with Fox news On June 15, Park escaped North Korea at the age of 13 and explained in detail how he was detained in China by traffickers, but said he was still “fighting for freedom in the United States.”

She said her son [a] He taught “socialism” and taught that socialism is a “good, benevolent system.”

“I never expected to wake up on a frightened night. [of] I’m in America, “she said.

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Park said socialism is a “guide” for dictators and elites to maintain all power.

“The definition of socialism means giving government all its power. They determine the means of production and all aspects of our lives, and that is what they artificially produce results. It’s a way to fix it, “she said.

“in short, [Adolf] Hitler’s youth, Mao’s youth, Kim Il Sung’s youth.They always go for toddlers because they have [not] I lived enough life to acquire critical thinking skills, “she continued.

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“And … a big murder [who] Wanting to seize power from people, they always mobilize young people.And that’s the truth [worries me that]As a parent myself, I can’t protect my child in America right now. “

Park has appeared on Fox News several times.Last year she Warn the viewer The similarities between “Marxism” between cancellation culture and the Kim Jong-un administration.

Park is also reported to release a book in 2023 entitled “While Time Remains: The Search for North Korean Defectors’ Freedom in the United States.” A group that Fox describes as “the purpose of using power.”

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As a human rights activist, Park has been featured in several major media outlets, including the Times and The New York Times, sharing his experience of hunger and oppression in North Korea.

Her best-selling book, To Live: A Journey to the Freedom of a North Korean Girl, was published in 2016 and has about 12,000 reviews on Amazon, some reviewers “changing their lives.” It explains.

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Featured image via Fox news; One Wild World