North Korean defectors who boldly escaped from a Chinese prison were re-arrested by authorities 40 days after their flight.


Chinese flag flies near China-North Korea border

On January 9, 2018, the Chinese flag is flying over the Friendship Bridge from Sinuiju, North Korea, to Dandong, a city on the Chinese border in northeastern Liaoning Province, China.Chandan Kanna via Getty Images / AFP

  • North Korean defectors who escaped from Chinese prisons and fled for 40 days were re-arrested.

  • Zhu Xianjian, 39, was torted in China in 2013 and was imprisoned for stabbing an elderly female.

  • Upon completion of his time in prison, Zhu will be deported to North Korea.

Chinese officials have escaped from prison and regained North Korean defectors who had fled for 40 days. Police said on Sunday.

Provided by local public servants Up to $ 78,000 in rewards For information or assistance leading to the arrest of Zhu Seng Jian, who escaped from a facility in northeastern Jilin and started Manhunt, which is widely followed on Chinese social media.

A 39-year-old fugitive was found near a lake in Yoshibayashi after looting a nearby house and leaving cigarette butts there, warning authorities of his existence. State-owned outlet Red Star News reported..

Over the past few weeks, villagers in the area have reported missing items from their homes. According to Red Star News, they found bedding, bowls and cigarettes in the ditch. Authorities suspected that Zhu was hiding. By the time police arrested him, Zhu had stolen a fishing boat and some clothes.

Video of his arrest, released by a local television station, shows that the fading vermilion is being carried to a police car by police officers. Witnesses reported that he was shot in the leg before his arrest, Red Star News reported.

In October, Zhu climbed the bar next to the large shed, jumped over the prison wall and escaped from prison. CCTV footage seems to show that he crashed into the floor, got up after a while and escaped from the ground.

Zhu served nine of the 11 years in prison for illegal immigration, robbery and theft in China. At the end of his prison time, he was released and was to be deported to North Korea.

Zhu was initially arrested in 2013 after illegally crossing a river adjacent to China and North Korea. Court documents that are open to the public.

At that time, he stole money, cell phones, cigarettes, ID cards, clothes from several homes in nearby villages and stabbed an elderly woman who reportedly found him. According to a court ruling, police later arrested him when he tried to escape by taxi.

In 2020, his sentence was shortened by eight months after prison authorities praised him for “serious adherence to prison regulations” and “education and reform.” Submission to another court.

China usually does not give North Korean defectors asylum or refugee status.that Consider them illegal immigrants and deport them.

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