North Texas Hooters brawl starts with candy, leads to injuries, police say


Plano Police are investigating Conflict at Hooters restaurant Star-Telegram’s media partner, WFAA-TV, reported that two adults were taken to hospital, resulting in a broken window on Thursday night.

Police told WFAA and other media outlets that boys trying to sell chocolate bars at Hooters restaurant at 720 Central Expressway in Plano started throwing things when management asked them to leave. I’m here.

“They were being escorted and causing trouble, according to detectives. They were flipping chairs and throwing things,” Plano Police Department Detective Jerry Minton told KDFW-TV.

After the manager and the customer took the children out, three adults walked in and began arguing with the manager.

The manager and the customer were taken to hospital, but both were released.

Some employees with one adult injured Broke a restaurant window with a metal ashtray stand, KDFW-TV reported. It is not clear how many employees were injured or the extent of their injuries.

video of the incident It went viral.

Police told WFAA that the adult and juvenile left the scene before officers arrived, but are reviewing the video to determine who was involved. A police spokesperson told Star Telegram that if the perpetrators were found, they would likely be charged with aggravated assault.