Northern Territory cancels indoor mask mission

Northern Territory (NT) Prime Minister Michael Gunner announced on Wednesday that the NT-wide indoor mask mission will end next Monday.

According to Gunner, this decision was based on the descending trajectory of COVID-19 cases and hospitalization after statistics were shown in February. 76 people hospitalized for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

“So we can now say for sure that we have passed the peak,” Gunner said.

This is after Shadow Health Minister Bill Yang complained on Monday about the ambiguity of the Prime Minister’s comments on when the mission would be lifted.

Gunner recently told Yang that they were trying to release the mission, but couldn’t give a date and used vague expressions such as “early, not late” and “days not a few weeks.” Encouraged Gunner to write a media release that demands accuracy.

“All the temporary restrictions or rules we have enacted during this pandemic have always been that temporary. We’ll put them in as long as we need them, but one day longer,” Gunner said on Wednesday. It will never be. “

He added that NT health professionals advised that the indoor mask mission allowed them to maintain control even when the number of cases increased to peak.

Their advice is that the duty of indoor masks throughout NT is no longer necessary as it is currently achieved.

“Now that we have passed the peak of Omicron, it is time for the territory to enter the next stage, where we will continue to live with the virus, but with more freedom and more personal responsibility. “Gunner said.

Mandates are left untouched until the weekend to ensure a downtrend.

Starting Monday, people will not need to wear masks indoors unless they choose, but their obligations remain in high-risk environments such as hospitals and other medical facilities, disability facilities, and correctional facilities.

In addition, Gunner pointed out that certain regions need to maintain mandates slightly longer, such as the Big Rivers region, which does not show the same downward trend as other regions.

According to federal regulations, masks must be worn at airports and planes.

The mask obligation has been lifted and the forced use of the NT check-in app has ended on Wednesday.

This means that this app is only needed if you are visiting a licensed place such as a bar, pub, restaurant, or any other place that requires vaccination certification, except for takeaway restaurants.

However, companies that want to keep displaying check-in information are possible, and patrons who want to check in where they are available can do so.

Therefore, the check-in infrastructure remains intact and you can send alerts to notify people that you may be infected with COVID-19, regardless of where you use it.

Steve Milne


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