Northern Territory Prime Minister Michael Gunner resigns with his family

Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) Prime Minister, Michael Gunner, resigned on Tuesday, saying his mind is no longer at work, but rather on his family.

Immediately after submitting the 2022 Northern Territory budget, Gunner said his government is seeing stronger economic growth, more employment and better profits in the region. He said this shows that NT’s future prosperity is laid down and the road to a budget surplus is solid.

“The territory is in a safe place and I made a difficult decision lately, so it gave me enough comfort,” he said. “It’s a well-known fact that the last few years have been fierce. It has robbed me of much as it has for many of us.

“In addition, a heart attack and a few children have made me think a lot over the past few weeks while preparing for this budget,” he said.

Gunner continued to be given 100% at all times, and less than that would short-change those who voted for his office, but he could no longer see the territorial eyes and every day. He says he can continue to give 100%.

“Now, if I can’t do that, I shouldn’t be in a chair,” said the 46-year-old.

“You don’t need a second near-death experience to know that life is unpredictable and can be shortened.”

Gunner said the decisive moment was when he first embraced his newborn son, Nash.

“Game over. I soon knew I was done,” he added, adding that the 46-year-old is young for politicians but quite old for newborn and toddler fathers.

“And that’s the one I want to spend as much time as I can,” he said.

Gunner, the first NT-born prime minister, quoted his story of growing up in public housing, stacking shelves, graduating from college, and serving as chief, where NT has potential and potential for everyone. I said there is. Minister as an example.

Michael Gunner
Northern Territory Prime Minister Michael Gunner will address supporters at the Labor Party’s election headquarters in Darwin, Australia, on August 22, 2020. (AAP image / Charly Bliss)

Deputy Prime Minister Nicole Manison said Gunner has a strong vision of how the Northern Territory can be made a better place.

“And I think Michael will leave an outstanding legacy of being a transformative prime minister who has laid the foundations economically and socially, and our children will have more opportunities. I will grow up … “she said.

When asked if he regrets, Gunner said the “big thing that was canceled” was that the government promised to bring the economy back into the black in 2016, whereas the budget only rebalances it. , The surplus will fall to the next prime minister.

“We’ve done a lot of work and a lot has come. GST reductions, pandemics, but it’s an extraordinary budget and we can see the path to a clear, reliable and achievable surplus. “I will.”

Gunner has been criticized, and during the heyday of the pandemic, it was powerful, including the blockade, the blockade of unvaccinated territories, and the mandatory vaccination that required the majority of NT workers to get a jab or lose their jobs. COVID-19 was threatened with murder for health measures. ..

However, he defended the government’s actions, and they had to make some very difficult decisions and had extensive discussions with stakeholders before following through.

“But we were very well informed about what we needed to do to save our lives, and what we needed to do to save our work,” he said. I did.

“The pressure we received across borders was immeasurable … but we were confident that we were making the right decision to save lives and truly save our jobs.

“So I have no regrets. It was just an insane and fierce time,” he said.

Despite resigning for nearly six years in his best job, Gunner is a local member of his elector Fanny Bay in Darwin, and Deputy Prime Minister Nicole Manison is acting prime minister until a caucuse on Friday. increase. Determine a new leader.

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