Northern Territory signs amphibious aircraft construction contract


The Northern Territory (NT) has signed a contract to defeat New South Wales and Queensland and build the iconic Albatross amphibious aircraft at Darwin Airport.

This makes it the first manufacturer and exporter of the Albatross G-111T in Australian territory. This is an aircraft that can take off and land from land, snow, ice, and water. Media release on Wednesday.

Nicole Manison, Minister of Mining for the Northern Territory, said the investment is building a brand new industry in Australia.

“This means work, work, and more work for territories, and new opportunities for locals and businesses,” she said.

The Northern Territory Government will invest $ 10 million in amphibious aircraft Holdings Pty Ltd (AAH) to build the latest upgraded version of Albatross, creating about 300 jobs. ..

Albatross has not been commercially manufactured since the 1960s, but it has a good reputation and evidence from market research shows that there is great demand to fill the gap in the global aviation market.

The chair of AAH Khoa Hoang said Albatross is unparalleled in its class.

Albatross “has an unparalleled lineage with combat-proven capabilities in search and rescue, coastal surveillance, drug control, post-patient remittance, humanitarian aid, cargo, utilities, defense and many other roles.” He said.

“With the new technology developed by the amphibious aerospace industry in a new variant of the G-111T Albatross, we are confident that formidable aircraft will be relevant for decades to come.”

Through this venture, AAH is expected to generate significant annual revenue of over $ 100 million (US $ 71.8 million) by 2030 and create significant value for the NT economy.

Prime Minister Michael Gunner welcomed the deal as a big deal for both territory and Australia and emphasized that these aircraft would be exported to other parts of the world.

“This exciting venture will create hundreds of employment and skill-up opportunities for territorialians and at the same time inject millions of people into our economy,” he said. “The territory is taking off and this is just the beginning.”

AAH plans to implement a “buy locally” policy. That is, ventures utilize local industries that meet the required standards with cost-competitive standards. The aim is to develop a fully local workforce and advanced manufacturing facilities that can create and retain new jobs and provide highly skilled career paths.

Aboriginal employment will also be the focus of this program, with targeted training and workshops to increase long-term and sustainable employment for indigenous peoples.

AAH has selected Darwin Airport as its manufacturing hub in Australia and will work closely with the Airport Development Group within the Darwin Airport Business Zone on the construction plan to be developed in 2022.

Meanwhile, the modified aircraft will be certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority within 18 months and will be in production by 2025.

Steve Milne