Not all Georgia Republicans want more Marjorie Taylor Greene

manager Marjorie Taylor Greene Several challengers will not return to Congress for the second term without confronting opposition from Georgian Republicans trying to knock her out in the GOP primary.

Green is still very fond of winning the second term, but her opponents have some frustration within the party of lawmakers who are relentlessly focused on extreme rhetoric rather than actual legislation. I’m emphasizing.

“I am very interested in the direction of our country. I want to actually work, go to a committee hearing, serve members, work with colleagues to develop meaningful policies. , I need a serious representative. Frankly, I don’t have it today, “says one of her challengers. , 35-year-old Jennifer Strahan told the HuffPost.

Green’s Republican critics say her disgust may have established her nationwide, but she’s confused her members in Georgia’s 14th Parliamentary District.A year after her term, Green is already Removed from committee For promoting violence against the Democratic Party. She drafted an impeachment article against Joe Biden and promoted an unfounded fraudulent voting plot, Defended those accused of the January 6 parliamentary riots And because she refused to wear a mask on the floor of the house, she confiscated much of her salary over fines.

For Democrats, Green is an increasingly extreme and polarized face of the Republican Party, and the GOP recently made her a martyr to disseminate bad information about COVID-19, who was banished from Twitter and Facebook.

“When a Silicon Valley monopoly silences Donald Trump and kicks him out of social media, when he does the same to Marjorie Taylor Greene, it should alert us all,” said the Ohio State Senator Republican Party. Said in JD Vance, a member Last week’s town hall..

Green said he wouldn’t change his tone when talking to members at the Telephone City Hall in November asking them to consider issues such as vaccination mandates, election audits, and infrastructure laws.

“Do you support Green’s position that 13 Republicans who voted for Biden’s Communist Infrastructure bill betrayed the party?” She told the caller to “push one” if she agreed. ..

“I work for you,” Green later told them. “[Lawmakers] I will work for you. “

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican) and Matt Gaetz (Republican) will speak on the anniversary of the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.  (Photo: Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press)

Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican) and Matt Gaetz (Republican) will speak on the anniversary of the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. (Photo: Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press)

After 14 percentage points ahead of neurosurgeon John Cowan in the 2020 Republic primary, Green wiped out 75 percent of the general election votes in a bright red fortress, and it’s now difficult to beat her in his current position. did.

Even her critics say that, despite intense opposition, most people in the district think she’s great.

“I can’t talk about all the counties in the 14th district, but I can talk about the three or four counties that regularly attend meetings. She is loved. Donald Trump’s 2020 elections Tom Pounds, who resigned from the Dade County Republican Party because of dissatisfaction with the political situation in Green and Georgia, said he was accused of fraudulently defeating him and accused of reversing two of the state’s Senate seats. To the Democratic Party a year ago.

“She has stripped all the committees forever, so all she can do now is make her name,” Pound said. “And that’s what she does a very good job in front of the camera.”

Incumbents who win landslides usually do not face strong opposition from within the party, but Green is not a typical incumbent. Green, a business owner and fitness trainer on Trump’s court tail in 2020, is almost instantly notorious as a so-called QAnon conspiracy theorist for adhering to the Bonker conspiracy theory about the secret plot of democratic pedophiles. I won.

The biggest complaint from anti-Green Republicans is that if she doesn’t join a committee that helps delegates direct money and resources to their district, she can effectively represent her members. It means that you can’t.

Raising members from the committee is a rare move commonly used as a punishment. Convicted criminals or members who oppose leadership.. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was stripped of the Commission’s duties in 2019. White supremacism It was blamed by both parties.he lost He finished his political career in the 2020 Republican primary in Iowa.

Green critics believe she is ultimately heading for the same fate.

“I think her effectiveness as a member of the House is her greatest Achilles heel,” said Jason Sheppard, who ran the Republican Party in Cobb County, Georgia. “It’s one thing you can go to Washington DC and hit your fist to say:’We’re not going to take it. I’m going to stand up for people.” But what she does I can’t even give it, so I can’t stand up for people. “

Her most active enemies in the Republican primary are: StrahanCharles Routine, a small business owner and healthcare executive, and Charles Routine, a retired doctor, are both newcomers. Four Democrats and a liberal, including Army veteran Marcus Flowers, who has already raised more than $ 3 million, are also operating in District 14, which covers northwestern Georgia.

On the campaign site Green X-edout photo On that home page Atlanta Jewish Times Being Jewish prompted him to run as a “moderate” against Green, who he said had a “natural reputation as an anti-Semitic.” Green likened the mask and vaccine obligations to Nazi Germany, suggesting that the California wildfire was caused by a space laser controlled by the Jewish Rothschilds.

“Frankly, part of my motivation is that I myself am Jewish. [Greene] We serve indefinitely and represent our state in such an intolerable way, “Lutin, 68, told Jewish Times.

“Very conservative,” Strahan said the district does not need a representative who is more concerned about being a celebrity than opposed to Biden’s agenda.

“I’m in the room with the decision makers and haven’t run around the country on media tours,” Strahan said.

“There are no seats in our district, so we don’t have the opportunity to support these highly liberal and progressive policies that don’t bring value to our members,” she says. Said.

Greene’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment on this article.

With over $ 6 million in banks at the time of the last campaign submission deadline, it’s almost impossible to beat Greene. But her opponent is clinging to it hoping to be able to do it.Recent polls obtained by Jewish insider 60% of Republican primaries choose Green, but Strahan managed to get 30% of the votes.

Even if she has more Democratic votes in the suburbs of Atlanta, it is not expected that the constituency change will significantly change Green’s election results. According to 2019 census data, the district is by far the whitest, lagging nationally in both high school graduation and median household income. That’s $ 56,000 less than Green’s refusal to wear a mask at work.

Green has already confiscated $ 90,000 of Congress’ $ 174,000 annual salary over a mask fine. Hill reported..

John Cowan, an opponent of Green’s former neurosurgeon, said Green sets a bad example for all conservatives.

“I think she’s very self-serving, acting in a whimsical way and playing a fear of people,” said Cowan, who won’t run again this year but may in the future.

“Not everyone is connected to Twitter or national news. They spend five minutes a week watching what Marjorie is doing, because she’s on the news a lot. , She needs to give the impression that she is fighting for us, “he said.

“If people really start seeing her acting inside, I think Trump will realize that it might work, but our representatives don’t have to play fools around the country.”

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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