Novavax vaccine will be available in Australia in late February

Australia plans to roll out the first protein-based COVID-19 vaccine with the federal government starting February 21st. Health Minister Greg Hunt The Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group (ATAGI) has given the government approval for the country’s fourth COVID-19 vaccine.

Hunt said the first shipment of vaccines in Australia will undergo a detailed batch testing process carried out by the Therapeutic Goods Department (TGA). If the batch passes the safety test, the vaccine will be open to the public.

“For those who may have had opposition signs or reactions to other vaccines, this will provide them with additional opportunities, and even for those who haven’t started the program for some reason,” he said. Told.

“But unless there are signs of opposition, I want to encourage everyone. Stay ahead and take your existing vaccine.”

Health Minister said Australia purchased 51 million doses of vaccine, ATAGI has I got it Clinical trials with more than 45,000 participants have shown that it is “very effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 in adults.”

Novavax is available to people over the age of 18. ATAGI has also declared that pregnant or lactating women and women already infected with COVID-19 can be vaccinated. The vaccination process involves two vaccinations that must be taken at least every 3 weeks.

However, ATAGI said the vaccination process should include three doses for people with severe immunodeficiency.

GP pressure to deploy vaccination is increasing

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) welcomed the upcoming availability of Novavax, but added support to the federal government for general practitioners who are under increasing pressure to deploy COVID-19 vaccination for their children. Asked to provide.

“The general practice of participating in vaccine deployments is a tremendous task, but we are under great pressure.” Dr. Karen Price, President of RACGP, said:.. “The GP and its team will continue to weaponize as much dose as possible, but we need more help and it needs to be done right now.”

“The GP has reported that doses or inadequate inventory have not yet arrived on time, so the general practitioner team will need to call the family and cancel the child’s appointment. I do the enviable job of telling them about it, “says Price. “This causes a lot of stress and anxiety, and unfortunately some people get rid of their frustration again with exhausted nurses and receptionists.”

“Practice also struggles to absorb the cost of participating in the deployment. The general practitioner team didn’t sign up to make money, but after all, they need to achieve their goals. Has proven to be very difficult, “Price said.

She said the new vaccine would expand the work of general practitioners in need of more financial support, as an additional $ 10 per booster shot has been given to the clinic since the end of last year. With more funding, GP will be able to provide more vaccinations on weekends and after hours, according to Price.

Lily Kelly Clark