NSW Announces Local Health Cash Splash


Nearly A $ 100 million ($ 70.1 million) of medical service improvements are moving towards rural and rural areas of New South Wales.

The funding package ensures support for frontline workers and is also part of a record infrastructure investment for the sector in the bush. To tell The premiere of Dominique Perotet, Australia’s most populous state.

Three new initiatives are aimed at attracting more healthcare professionals beyond the state’s densely populated areas and helping rural and regional patients who need to travel to access care.

This includes A $ 45 million ($ 31.5 million) and provides new professional accommodation near medical facilities in the rural areas of Murambisie, the South, and the Far West.

Approximately A $ 30 million ($ 21 million) will be used to attract and retain healthcare professionals, including new scholarships for young people.

An additional A $ 23 million ($ 16.1 million) facilitates access to care, including support for rural and regional patients who need to travel long distances and new online tools for navigating local services. increase.

According to Perotet, this investment will help people in the bush get the best possible care, regardless of where they live.

“Health challenges can be difficult enough without imposing a distance burden on the care plan, so we have secured an additional A $ 23 million to address this,” he says. Said In a statement on Sunday.

“The focus of the Government of New South Wales has always been to enable rural and local communities to gain a share of health improvement. This latest announcement is A $ 900 million from 2021 to 22. Based on local and rural health infrastructure spending. “

Deputy Prime Minister Paul Tour says that a key element of the boost will create the construction industry, as accommodations will be built for key workers in the region.

Mental health minister Bronny Taylor said the investment would significantly boost support for rural patients.

“As a Bush registered nurse, I know directly how important it is for patients to feel supported when they have to leave home, and their support network for care.” She said.

“Living in a rural or regional area of ​​New South Wales should not affect the care you receive. This package is offered in all respects to ensure the necessary healthcare professionals, infrastructure and support.”

The Epoch Times contributed to this report.