NSW business was hit hard by Omicron

Bookshop cafes Gertrude and Alice watched a large crowd of customers during the summer.

However, because Omicron stocks struck Sydney two months ago, Bondi Beach stores are losing money every day just by leaving the door open.

“We may be blocked,” said the owner of Jane Turner in 21.

“Accountants say they probably have six months at this rate,” she told AAP. “We have already cultivated all our savings … we were able to leave without doing anything.”

During the pandemic, the store cut its business hours in half, but after being infected with a virus or in close contact, half of its employees had to be isolated, so it was difficult to keep staff. I’m having a hard time.

The landlords and patrons were very generous, but the sponsorship was reduced and people were very hesitant to come out, Turner added.

She said it “doesn’t look good” without government support.

“I understand that the government is not a bottomless hole … no one wants our kids to pay off this huge debt,” she said.

“Still, the question is,’How do you keep hiring these people?’ “

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On June 27, 2021, a restaurant employee stands at the entrance to a takeaway restaurant on a quiet street in central Sydney. (Photo courtesy of Steven Saphore / AFP, Getty Images)

Coffee roaster Mecca Coffee also felt a burden. The short staffing and decline in support from the community during the Omicron outbreak has put the cafe department of the business in a dire situation. The distribution side is also having a hard time floating.

“Cafes and bars are the heartbeat of the economy, and when they are quiet, we are quiet,” head roster Daniel May told AAP. “It has a spillover effect for us.”

Their store in the heart of Sydney’s CBD “ghost town” remains closed, but their Alexandria store closes the 50-60 seating dining space and only offers a limited takeaway menu. It was operated.

“I feel a little worse than the blockade,” May said. “Maybe it’s psychological and I know it can be opened but needs to be closed.”

He said businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector, welcome more support.

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On January 3, 2021, a waitress can be seen delivering cutlery at Mosman’s cafe in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jenny Evans / Getty Images)

NSW State Government I will introduce it Relief package to help small businesses later this week.

Last year, both the state and federal governments provided support packages to companies that lost more than 30% of their sales, but the federal government subsequently ruled out increasing JobKeeper payments.

According to Australia, consumer confidence has plummeted to its January lows since 1992 and overall lows since October 2020. ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer confidence index.

on the other hand, December Business Risk Index Report According to a survey by credit reporting agency Creditor Watch, Christmas trade activity was at a record low, down 45% from December 2020.

“Everyone expected the rapid spread of Omicron to have a significant negative impact on Christmas transactions, but few predicted it to be this extreme,” said Creditor Watch CEO. One Patrick Coghlan said.

“I can’t blame anyone who wants to stay home. I hope the peak will come soon and the business community will be able to recover.”

AAP and Rebecca Zhu contributed to this report.

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