NSW Minister Criticizes New Workplace Diversity Session

The Minister of New South Wales has accused new workplace behavioral advice that banned the use of the word “straight from 1984.”

The New South Wales Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet held a series of workplace respect training sessions this week. During this session, staff were advised not to consume alcohol in the office, yell at colleagues, make “jokes”, or gossip about colleagues.

Under the inclusion policy, the MP was instructed to invite everyone in the office to a drink or lunch on the way home from work, while the task of work needed to be fairly divided between senior and junior colleagues.

Training led by external diversity and inclusion consultants is conducted on a regular basis to promote “inclusive leadership,” “unconscious bias,” “cultural inclusion,” and “gender equality.”

It also focuses on ensuring that the MP knows how to properly report allegations of sexual assault to the department.

The Respect at Work website, due out later this month, predicts that taxpayers will spend more than $ 260,000.

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The Australian State Minister of State in New South Wales has criticized new workplace behavioral advice banning the use of the common Australian phrase “companion” when referring to friends and colleagues. (New Africa / Shutterstock)

However, some ministers described the three-and-a-half-hour “respect in the workplace” seminar as “PC madness” and went straight from 1984. report The Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile, New South Wales Veterans Affairs Minister David Elliott telegraphed that he was suffering from an alcohol ban because he had a bottle of whiskey in his office to “place a colleague in Congress.” Told.

The seminar is Respect in the labor-management councilOne of the government-funded programs to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace Received $ 2.1 million in total funding.

Federal government “Roadmap for respect” In March of this year, the government said it would amend the Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) Act to require public sector organizations to report on Gender Equality initiatives to WGE agencies.

The government has also agreed to lead a national campaign on sexual harassment and increase funding for OurWatch to develop an initiative aimed at young people focusing on sexual abuse as a form of “gender-based violence.” Did.

According to the roadmap, the Council for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is required to work with the Australian Communications and Media Agency and the Australian Press Council to support “Victim-Centered Gender Response Reporting on Sexual Harassment.”

The Respect at Work training session will take place after New South Wales treasurer Matt Keane promotes the implementation of gender quotas in New South Wales for companies such as Sydney Water and Essential Energy.

However, the assignment was accused by State party executive Alex Dore as “a surprising betrayal of basic liberal beliefs.”

“If the quota move is successful, Australia will not be left with a mainstream political party that opposes the inhumane means of collectivism. Who will fight identity politics when even individual parties abandon it? Will it remain for? “Dress said in an email obtained by Sydney Morning Herald.

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