NSW Premier is pleased with the lack of community infections, even though there are no virus links yet

New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Beregikrian says he is “satisfied” with the outbreak of the COVID-19 community infection in Sydney, but the relationship between infected men and sick international travelers. Remains unknown.

Sydney Cider wears masks again during public transport, supermarkets and ride-sharing trips. Health officials are trying to figure out how the strain of COVID-19 escaped from hotel quarantine.

Greater Sydney restrictions were re-imposed on Wednesday. This includes mandatory masks in indoor environments. There is a limit of 20 people for indoor meetings and singing is prohibited.

A health warning was issued to Haymarket restaurant XOPP on Thursday night.

Diner that exists between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm last Wednesday should be tested and self-quarantined until a negative COVID-19 test is returned.

Exclusive Royal Sydney Golf Club, CBD Optometrists, and many other venues such as Paddington, Rushcutters Bay, Moore Park, and Collaroy’s other venues, even as sites that are intimate contacts that must be quarantined for 14 days. Listed.

Other locations, including many barbecue shops throughout Sydney, are low risk and fellow visitors are required to quarantine until they receive a negative result.

Beregikrian said Friday that he was “satisfied” with the status quo of the outbreak before new cases were updated later this morning.

However, the missing epidemiological link between an infected man in eastern Sydney (who later infected his wife) and a coronavirus-positive traveler in hotel quarantine remains unclear.

The pair is infected with the same COVID-19 strain.

“Obviously, the only concern for us is the fact that at least one person has been in the community for several days and is infected with the virus and does not know that he is infected with the virus. Multiple possibilities. There is a sex, “said Beregikrian. Nine network.

“We’re just telling people: get started with your daily business, just be safer.”

New Zealand called for a travel bubble time-out with New South Wales on Thursday and suspended a non-quarantine trip from the state for 48 hours starting Friday.

The relative idyllic in New South Wales broke after a man in his 50s in eastern Sydney was tested positive for the virus on Wednesday.

Beregikrian continued to operate the company, and Sydney Cider urged him to join the reservation for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

“Every time we experience this in New South Wales, we can learn from what we have experienced, what worked and what didn’t, and apply it to the future.” Berezikrian said.