NSW prepares dozens of vaccine hubs

The Government of New South Wales is preparing to significantly expand its vaccine deployment if the federal government agrees to market it to the state.

A spokeswoman for the New South Wales Department of Health said on Sunday that it had already opened 79 clinics for health services and plans to open another 36 vaccine clinics next week.

“NSW Health is preparing for a large-scale vaccine deployment, subject to federal support and vaccine supply,” said a spokesman.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will deliver the vaccine to New South Wales on Wednesday night after Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian of New South Wales demands a green light to increase the state’s role in the COVID-19 vaccination program. I agreed to help.

Beregikrian said on Saturday that New South Wales would help manage Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the state’s federal-controlled vaccination program.

“The Prime Minister is pleased with the letter … We welcomed our offer,” she confirmed.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said on Saturday that he wanted other states and territories to be “involved.”

By the end of March, 4 million Australians were scheduled to jab, but more than 3.3 million failed to reach their goals.

Hannah Ryan