NSW Tram Fault Known for 2 Years: Labor


Serious defects, faults and breakdowns were identified in another report on Sydney’s trams two years before the mass closure, workers said.

All 12 trams on the city’s inner west line will be phased out in 2021, with cracks up to 30 cm long in the carriages repaired.

Trams borrowed from Sydney’s other light rail lines resumed Inner West service in February, with full service expected by November.

The NSW Labor Department on Friday said a 2019 report had concluded that design and manufacturing errors overseas were causing tram components to expire sooner than expected.

The report, by a global rail engineering firm engaged in providing independent advice, corroborates earlier reports of deficiencies by Alstrom, which maintains the inner west light rail line.

“It is clear that the government knew in 2019 that their Naishi light rail tram was plagued with defects, malfunctions and failures caused by poor design and errors from overseas manufacturers. That’s right,” said opposition transportation spokeswoman Joe Halen.

“Had the government taken action in 2019, it could have avoided the closure of the entire Inner West Light Rail service, which caused great inconvenience to passengers and caused great damage to the public.”

Transport Minister David Elliott said the focus was on fixing trams and keeping taxpayers from paying for defects.

“When I inherited the transport portfolio and was briefed on the issues with the inner West Light Rail vehicles, my focus was on tram repair, track interoperability and service reliability for commuters. ‘ he said. in a statement.

“I have also instructed my department to take the necessary legal steps to ensure taxpayers are not left with bills.”

Transport for NSW said an independent 2019 report was “totally irrelevant” to cracks in trams.

“The cause of the (crack) damage is still under investigation. We have a number of external reviews required to run the course,” the spokesperson said.

Repairs were underway to address other issues outlined in the 2019 report.



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