NTD Expands UK Broadcast to Freeview Viewers

NTD television stations are expanding their recently established UK broadcast to a larger audience and are launching new channels on Freeview via Channelbox.

The station, a sister media of The Epoch Times, launched its first UK broadcast on Sky TV Channel 190 in February.

NTD delivers independent news, current affairs, classical arts and cultural programs in English.

Channelbox business development Tanya Kronfli announced the launch of a new channel on April 1st, stating: Culture to the UK’s largest television platform. “

Founded by Chinese-Americans, NTD is proud to be a global multilingual American television station that covers stories not found in others without being influenced by the outside world.

“The arts and lifestyle program embodies universal values ​​and celebrates the best cultures and traditions of mankind,” the NTD said in a statement.

Helen Li, General Manager of NTDUK, said:

To access the Channelbox, the viewer must be able to connect to Freeview via a TV antenna and the Internet and be able to select channel 271.

Current channels include news, movies, music and entertainment channels in English and other languages.

The UK broadcast also includes a 30-minute daily news broadcast to the UK.