Number 10 is afraid of Dominic Cummings bomb documents

Insiders in Downing Street say they are

Downing Street insiders are unaware of the range of material Cummings claims to have and say they are “feared” about further revelations-Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA-EFE / Shutterstoc

Downing Street insiders are increasingly afraid of the devastating “treasure mountain” of internal notes and emails. From Dominic Cummings In the midst of the Covid crisis, it will portray the government in the worst possible light.

Former Chief Advisor of Boris Johnson, Cummings, appears in front of a joint committee of MPs investigating Whitehall. Response to the virus crisis next month.

Jeremy Hunt, one of the committee’s chairs asking him, telegraphed Saturday night that the MP would publish whatever was given by a former Downing Street aide, unless it jeopardized national security. Confirmed to.

Hunt said: “I’ll publish whatever he gives me. I need to make sure I pass the test.”

Downing Street insiders say they are “feared” of further revelations, unaware of the range of material Cummings claims to have.

A Westminster insider said there was extreme tension about the apparent “treasure mountain” of the embarrassing document written by Mr. Cummings – Those who quit 10 Downing Street last NovemberCarry a cupboard box – you might want to publish it.

The insider said: “He seems to have a lot of things. No one has real clues about the documents, emails, texts he actually has. They have what he has and what he has. I don’t know if it is.

“Fear is Boris [Johnson] Had to drag to Second blockade [in November] I think I’m worried that he and Rishi will make everyone else look very good. [Sunak] Only two did not want the blockade. “

A second government source added at a Whitehall meeting that Mr Cummings “had a lot of graffiti on the book. I don’t know what he has or doesn’t have.”

The news comes when the top UK civil servants are being dragged in Battle of Boris Johnson and his former allies When he was questioned by a member of parliament on a special committee on administrative and constitutional issues on Monday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case was reported by Carrie Symonds’ friend Henry Newman, according to commission sources. “Talkative mouse” leaks, Includes regarding the timing of the second blockade.

In 1,000 words Blog postCummings claimed that Mr. Case said, “All evidence definitely leads to Henry Newman and others in the office. I’m trying to get communication data to prove it.” ..

He then claimed that the prime minister personally asked him if it was possible to stop the leak investigation as it would cause “a very serious problem” to his fiancée.

Cummings had to dismiss Mr. Johnson if Mr. Case discovered that the leaker was Mr. Newman, which “is a very serious problem for Carrie because they are best friends. Claimed to cause.

Commission members also ask him why, according to Cummings, Johnson. Asked a donor to renovate his apartment in Downing Street, Before No. 10 said on Friday that the prime minister would eventually pay for the job.

On Saturday night, Labor Shadow Cabinet Minister Rachel Reeves wrote to Johnson asking for a “complete investigation” of the amount spent on the flat.

Cummings revealed in an explosive blog last week that he will answer questions about the handling of the pandemic No. 10 “as much as the MP wants” when submitting evidence to the MP at the Health Sciences Commission on May 26. I made it.

In his only public statement since the blog was published, he posted a clearly ominous tweet referring to the debate about border closure during a pandemic: “Important about learning from disasters.” problem”.

Westminster insiders wonder why Mr Johnson chose to choose this fight with someone who could do a lot of political damage to him. Some Tories believe that left-wing civil servants are the cause of some leaks, especially leaks. Linked to David Cameron and the failing financial company Green Sill..

One insider said, “People in Downing Street don’t really understand why Boris kicked this. Put his finger in the wasp’s nest.”

“This is a complete mess. I think it’s the worst kind of faction combined with the personal situation of the other half of the prime minister. It’s really unacceptable and can be organized. Is the prime minister. It’s annoying. “

Another very senior Tory lawmaker added, “Don’t ask me what’s happening in Downing Street, because I don’t know.”

There was concern that the line could harm the Conservatives Next month’s local, mayor, local council election super Thursday..

One minister said, “Everyone needs to be calm and silence both sides. Some think that attacking Dominic Cummings is in favor of the prime minister. Not. Live, live in every aspect. Let’s go.

“Both the Prime Minister and Dominic share many beliefs about policy and national direction. We are all on the same side here. The only person to win after this pathetic slugging match is This is Keir Starmer. “

In a rare public health intervention, the government’s in-hospital secretary, Marks & Spencer, urged various factions to stop “fighting previous battles.”

He told The Telegraph: “Communities above and below the country rely on the Conservatives to represent them and improve their lives. It’s something we all should focus on, not fight previous battles.”

Johnson is increasingly isolated at 10 Downing Street following the imminent departure of his chief strategic adviser, Sir Lister Udney. Politicshome reported on Saturday that he was a director of a company that was aiming to build “Hong Kong” in Libya while his peers were part-time directors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

No. 10 said, “We have declared the relevant interests in accordance with the appropriate code of conduct.”

It came when the Telegraph revealed a good candidate to become the prime minister’s new adviser on the interests of the minister, which was scheduled to be announced last week. May not occupy that position now Following the turmoil in Downing Street.

Johnson has appointed senior members of Downing Street, such as Conor Burns, Jake Berry, and Nigel Adams, who knew him well before he became prime minister, to prevent Cummings from damaging the lines. I was asked.

One insider said the people inside address 10 were “self” prior to potentially damaging exposures from Mr. Cummings.

Several government sources revealed on Saturday that an investigation into the so-called “talkative rat” regarding a leak from 10 Downing Street is still underway.

Mr. Newman’s friends made rearguard efforts to strengthen his position after he was nominated as a possible cause of the leak. He said he didn’t attend the related meeting where the details were leaked because he wasn’t working at No. 10 at that time.

“The investigation is still going on. It’s a mistake to think that we’ve landed on an individual or, for that matter, completely exonerated someone,” said one senior official.

A Cabinet Office spokesman said, “I will not comment on the leak investigation. The senior appointment at address 10 will undergo rigorous checks.”

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