Number of people smuggled into the UK on a triple small boat in 2021

About 28,400 people entered the UK in 2021 due to the secret crossroads of the English Channel. This is three times the number in 2020.

An analysis of Interior Ministry data by PA News Agency showed that at least 28,395 illegal immigrants had arrived on small boats over the past year, while the BBC’s analysis counted at least 28,431 crossings.

By 2020, 8,417 people were able to cross dangerous waters.

Despite international efforts to crack down on human smugglers, gangs continued their deadly deal in the Strait of Dover, claiming thousands of pounds for the berth of flimsy inflatable boats.

Arrivals peaked in November 2021 and at least 6,869 illegal immigrants arrived in the UK despite colder temperatures.

Between November 10th and 16th, more than 3,100 people made dangerous intersections. This is the most common of the seven days of the current crisis.

In the same month, 1,185 people arrived on the British coast on November 11 on 33 boats, setting a new record in one day.

In 2021, the highest number of daily arrivals was 416, set in September 2020.

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The size of dinghys towed to Dover off the French coast has increased significantly over the past year, with an average of about 28 people on each small boat arriving in the UK in 2021, according to PA news agencies. The data shows that is moving. More than 13 in 2020.

The dangers of the English Channel were revealed on November 24, when at least 27 people died due to the overthrow of a dinghy likened to a pool blown up by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

At least 16 people died in Kurds in northern Iraq. There, increased unemployment and frustration with corruption prompted many to consider a dangerous journey to the west.

Their bodies were returned home for burial on December 26th.

Refugee Action, Care4Calais, and Refugee Council charity bosses have criticized the UK government for not opening safer routes for asylum seekers, and think tank Migration Watch UK chairman “has many safe routes.” Said.

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A dateless file photo showing a group of suspected illegal immigrants brought to Dungeness, Kent by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. (Gareth Fuller / PA)

“Seeking asylum for protection risks their lives by shopping for asylum from country to country and lining the pockets of criminal organizations to cross channels,” said Interior Minister Tom Pursglove. Should not include exposure to. “

He said the government is “reforming” that approach “by making rigorous decisions to end our law and the overt exploitation of UK taxpayers.”

Pursglove said that for 20 years, the public was “screaming” for immigration reform.

“The nationality and border bill is a crime to introduce life imprisonment to those who deliberately arrive illegally in the UK and encourage illegal immigration,” he said.

“It will also strengthen the power of border forces to stop and turn ships, while introducing new forces to eliminate asylum seekers to handle their claims outside the UK.”

The bill has passed the House of Commons and is currently under consideration by the House of Commons.

PA contributed to this report.

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