Nunes sees a “challenge” in Garland trying to “fill in” Durham’s report.


Leading Republicans Ministry of Justice Allows the release of reports from special counsel John Durham..

manager Devin Nunes, A ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the Attorney General Merrick Garland “It’s like a left-wing puppet,” he added, “challenge” is whether Garland “fills the report.”

Republicans made observations during an interview with Newsmax, which aired within two weeks after a Justice Department official said: The agency “agrees” to the order Former Attorney General William barr About the transparency of the survey on the origin and implementation of the Russian survey.

Attorney General Merrick Garland. (Kevin Dietsch / AP)

“In addition to confidential reports,” Durham had to submit to the Justice Department. “The Special Counsel shall, wherever possible, submit a final report to the Attorney General in line with the laws and policies and practices of the Department of Justice. The report, and the interim report he deems appropriate, In a way that allows it to be disseminated publicly, “read Barr’s October order.

Andrew McCabe talks about John Durham in DOJ’s “RELENTLESS PURSUIT”

NS Last month’s statement In response to a letter from the Republican Party, Deputy Prosecutor General Joe Gaeta came Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senator Ron Johnson of WisconsinHer “prejudice” in comments criticizing Durham’s investigation, expressing concern about the role of Susan Hennessey’s Department of Justice in the National Security Department, a former National Security Attorney and CNN commentator. Was emphasized.

“Durham fully revealed that he hadn’t come up with anything for a year and a half. I think this kind of partisan stupidity is characteristic of Bar’s heritage, but why? I don’t know if Durham wants to agree with it. ” Hennessy said In one tweet highlighted by the Senator.

“Durham’s investigation shows the opportunity for villains to do a lot of mischief.” She also said..

The US lawyer John Durham, seen above in 2006, is leading the so-called “investigation of investigators.” (Bob Child / AP Photo)

Gaeta has signed a pledge that appointed personnel such as Hennessy will be “trained in ethics and professional responsibility according to the next lawyer and” restore and maintain public trust in the government “, with the meticulous ethics of the department. It is subject to the process of counterargument. ” Gaeta also emphasized that Durham “is not subject to the day-to-day supervision of department staff,” citing special counsel regulations, and that Garland and department leadership “endure fairness, independence, and impartiality.” Share your commitment. ” Department and its employees. “

Durham has conducted a politically prosecuted investigation since the spring of 2019. This means that it lasted longer than Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia.Durham under the Biden administration Leaving his role as a US lawyer Although it was in Connecticut, it was allowed to continue the investigation after being appointed as a special counsel.

The Justice Department has released a financial activity report on the investigation of Special Counsel Durham.

wreath Refused the promise At a confirmation hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee in February, Durham’s investigation was to be protected or a final report would be published. But Garland said there was no reason to think that allowing Durham to continue working was not the right move.

Congressman Devin Nunes. (Pool via Andrew Harrer / AP)

To much of the regret of former President Donald Trump and his allies, Durham has so far secured only one plea. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is working to renew the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act’s authority in Durham in the summer of 2020 to edit the 2017 CIA email and eavesdrop on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. I admitted that I had tampered with the document. The page states that it was “not the source”.

Page denied cheating and was not charged with a crime.

Cline Smith Sentenced for one year of probation There is no prison time.Disciplinary Advisory Office in Washington, DC Agreed In June, along with Clinesmith, he stated that his perceived crimes did not constitute “moral turmoil” and that his legal license should be suspended for only one year.

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Nunez, who Leading the introduction of 14 criminals He told the Justice Ministry related to the Russian investigation and the 2016 election that he had never spoken to Durham. Nonetheless, MPs believe in the work of the prosecutor and cite the lack of omissions as a good sign. He is also not plagued by Durham’s long research period.

“The longer it takes, the more thorough the work of investigating what he is doing. And after all, what I want to see is that I want to see the report. I really want to see the report. I don’t want to see people trapped. “

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