Nurses gave 8,600 people a vaccine filled with COVID-19 saline: German officials


A German nurse was arrested this week for inoculating thousands of people with saline instead of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Today I have a sad duty to inform about 8,600 people … I can’t deny that they may have received saline instead of vaccination when booking the vaccination. For peace of mind. , We recommend that you receive additional vaccinations, “said Sven Ambrology, district manager of Friesland. In the statement According to the German to English translation.

Ambrosie added that the unnamed nurse reportedly exchanged vaccines at the Lofhausen Immune Center in the city between March and April 2021.

“I was completely shocked by the incident. The Friesland district will do everything possible to ensure that affected people are vaccinated as soon as possible,” he said. ..

Health officials in Lower Saxony said they were able to replace the vials because they were “in charge of vaccine preparation and syringe preparation during working hours at the vaccination center.”

All Germans vaccinated at the Lofhausen Center between March 5th and April 20th must go forward and receive different doses, officials Said In the statement. They said saline did not adversely affect health.

“In this situation, it is important to provide a catch-up vaccine to all who may be affected,” said Matthias Prutz, president of the Lower Saxony Department of Health, in a statement on Tuesday. “This is the only way to ensure complete vaccination protection, even if a person has already been properly vaccinated twice,” he added.

It is not clear whether the nurse or other individual was arrested and charged in the case.

Also, the possible motives are unclear, as the nurse has not been publicly appointed and no other details have been provided.

“Police investigations showed that the person (involved) had a motive to oppose vaccination … she was silent to the police, so whether she was manipulated during this period, And I don’t know how much it was manipulated, “said Deputy Officer Claudia Schroeder. Reportedly responsible for the COVID-19 team in Lower Saxony.

A similar situation occurred in Mumbai last month after about 14 people were arrested by Indian police for giving a fake COVID-19 vaccine filled with saline.

Approximately 2,500 people were affected, officials said, and the organizers charged $ 12 to $ 17 for each shot of COVID-19.

“We have arrested a doctor,” Mumbai police official Vishal Thakur told reporters. “They used a hospital that was manufacturing fake certificates, vials, and syringes.”

Jack phillips

Jack phillips

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