NVIDIA demonstrates the display effect of RTX GPU with MediaTek ARM processor




A few months ago, NVIDIA announced that it would work with MediaTek to bring RTX displays to ARM notebooks. Now coming to the new GDC conference, the official finally disclosed the actual effect of this combination for the first time.This timeDemoThere are two parts, the hardware used is MediaTek Kompanio 1200 processor with GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. One of the runs was “German Headquarters: New Blood”. In addition to ray tracing, it also showed the effect of DLSS in improving frame rate. The other part comes from “The Bistro” based on Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine, which relies on real-time light tracking, direct lighting (RTXDI), Optix AI accelerated noise reduction (NRD) and other technologies to depict French urban scenes.

Through cooperation with MediaTek, NVIDIA will open RTX related SDKs to ARM devices, including DLSS, direct lighting, global lighting, AI accelerated noise reduction, and RTX memory utilization. The SDKs for direct lighting, AI accelerated noise reduction, and memory usage are now online, and the other two will not be launched until later.

b station video:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1xM4y1T7AV?from=search&seid=11503113576783490744

“RTX’s support for ARM and Linux provides new opportunities for game developers to provide a more immersive experience on a wider range of platforms.” said Mathieu Muller, senior technical product manager of Unity’s high-end graphics. Jim Kjellin, Chief Technology Officer of Machinegames, said: “”German Headquarters: New Blood” is the first RTX PC game displayed on the ARM system, proving the flexibility, capabilities and optimization features of the iD Tech engine.