NXIVM Doctor Branding Women Lose Doctor License

Albany, NY (AP) — Health officials in New York have revoked a doctor’s license for a cult-like group NXIVM doctor. The group branded 17 women with the initials of group leader Keith Raniere.

Hearing committees in the health sector have counted multiple occupational offenses against Daniel Roberts, who belonged to a secret women’s group within NXIVM called DOS that required a “pledge of obedience” between master and slave. Supported.

According to a decision released this week, many of the counts were that Roberts used a cautery device to brand “KAR” to women in the pelvic area without anesthesia to “intentionally cause pain.” It is derived from.

The brand was intended to symbolize the status of women as sex slaves. The leading self-help person who has just been imprisoned..

Roberts deviated from standard treatment and “operated at risk” for women’s branded devices, according to the first reported decision. Times-Albany Union..

The Commission said Roberts was evasive and rebellious during her testimony. According to the decision, Roberts “denies being brainwashed, but she did not express real remorse. It was her distorted reality to the hearing committee and others to her future brand. It expressed a very real concern that it would remain vulnerable. ”

Her lawyer, Anthony Shah, said on Friday that they are likely to appeal the decision.

“The evidence in this case overwhelmed her not practicing medical care, so the usual standards that apply to medical practice do not apply,” Scher said.

Known to members of the Northern New York organization as “Vanguard” and “the smartest man in the world,” Lanier was sentenced to 120 years in prison last year for assault plots and other charges. I did.

NXIVM, which includes billionaires and Hollywood actors as followers, was the subject of two television documentary series last year: HBO’s “The Vow” and Starz’s “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult.”