NYC man arrested for setting fire to Asian restaurant released next day

A Queens man who police spent nearly two weeks chasing after he was arrested for setting a local Asian restaurant on fire has been released just one day later.

Choepher Norbu, 49, has admitted setting fire to the Ittadi Garden and Grill in Jackson Heights on the morning of Oct. 2 after staff at a Bangladeshi restaurant allegedly failed his order the night before.

“I was very drunk. . new york post.

Norbu returned to the restaurant around 6am.

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“I bought a gas can and threw it in the store trying to burn it down. I lit it up and boom, it got to me,” Norve was quoted as saying.

No one was injured inside the restaurant, prosecutors said, but the restaurant reportedly suffered more than $1,500 in damage. tracked down the culprit.

Norbu was arrested Friday on charges of arson, criminal conduct and reckless endangerment, authorities said. New York City Fire DepartmentHowever, these charges do not require bail under New York law. criminal justice reformNorbu was released for free.

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The Queens District Attorney’s Office asked for Norbu’s release under supervision, which the judge granted. He has no previous criminal record.

His release infuriated at least one police officer. “He set the store on fire, he planned this, why is he out the next day?” an officer told the New York Post.

Following news of Norbu’s arrest, netizens mocked New York’s bail reforms on social media.

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“Identified on $40 bail,” says one Instagram user Suspected.

another user I have written“He’s probably already asking for good behavior.”

“Probably going out an hour after arrest. Was he a ‘new American’?” Asked.

Meanwhile, someone pleaded“Keep this guy out. He’s a danger to our community.”

via main image New York City Fire Department