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A mother being investigated on suspicion of forging terminal illness of her 11-year-old daughter to get a donation

An 11-year-old woman in Ohio has been bravely fighting terminal illness for the past three years, trying to “handle her death” with a counselor. But new evidence suggests that mothers may be lying to countless charities, colleges, about their daughter’s illness. All members of the community associated with softball players have intervened to provide help. Sergeant of Stark County Sheriff. Craig Kennedy has confirmed to Oxygen.com that authorities have begun investigating a shocking allegation against 34-year-old Lindsey Abbuhl. She believes she used her daughter’s possible illness to line up her notebook. “This is an ongoing investigation,” Kennedy said. He refused to reveal the details of the case, but confirmed that 11-year-old Riley Abbourg no longer had custody of her mother. At a hearing on Friday, a judge in the county family court placed Riley in custody of her father, Jamie Abboule, as Riley’s health investigations continued, according to the Canton Repository. Lindsey is not currently facing formal accusations. However, laziness and abuse complaints filed by Children Services have accused her of “using Rylee’s” medical condition “to fund travel, housing, and other expenses over the past few years.” To support the allegations, the report contains details from medical professionals who have reviewed the child’s extensive medical records and reached awkward conclusions. “There is no evidence to support the mother’s claim that Riley is terminally ill,” the document states. The report also details regular counseling sessions that the child has attended over the past three years to help the child “handle his death,” and Lindsay said that when the counselor returned, his daughter ” It is even said that he went until he claimed that he might not be alive. ” From the planned maternity leave, according to court documents obtained from paper. Lindsey denied counterfeiting her daughter’s illness when child service authorities went home to investigate on Thursday. She claims that Riley suffers from a fatal central nervous system dysfunction, which she recorded on social media for years. “This little woman is my best friend! Keep praying for her while we navigate her medical concerns,” said one post. “We don’t know what her future will be, and we don’t know if tomorrow will come for her every time we go to bed, but the prayers and faith of all the people we love are us. In another petition in the family court, Jamie Abbourg set up a fundraising campaign and a GoFundMe account for his ex-wife to collect donations to her daughter, according to WEWS-TV. Insisted. Lindsey posted on Facebook in March about the “Rylee’s Warriors” Youth Softball Tournament at the end of April, which was set up to raise money for “Rylee Abbuhl and his family’s medical and living expenses.” “I’m looking for more teams!” Lindsey wrote at the time. After years of hearing the girl’s plight, the community took it seriously. In February, college softball players at Malone University and Walsh University paid tribute to her on “Riley Day” after learning that she was on the girls’ bucket list to be a college softball player. We held a scrimmage. “Walsh and Malone play the line of scrimmage in the Hall of Fame fitness center as she tries to get her as close as possible to the last time she has left,” Riley said at the opening ceremony. College players also contacted other college-level and professional players to collect Riley’s wishes and personalized videos, including messages from professional player Sierra Romero. On the day of the event, Lindsey told a local newspaper that her daughter’s survival time was only “two months.” In response to media reports, the Texas A & M softball team invited mother and daughter to fly to College Station to see the team. Lindsey and Riley also made time to visit Sea World during their trip. It wasn’t their first vacation. In December, Lindsey and Riley enjoyed another trip to Key West, Florida, on behalf of the charity Wishes Can Happen. Ohio’s mom’s story began to be questioned, but after the general public began reaching out to local papers to ask questions. The Canton Repository repeatedly requested Lindsey to provide a copy of her daughter’s medical records, but she refused, claiming that her daughter was being treated by a “whole team of doctors.” Riley’s dad, Jamie, told a paper that became even more worrisome when his ex-wife continued to claim Riley was dying and asked a friend to work as a coffin escort at her funeral. .. He said his daughter’s digestion and constipation were slow, but he doesn’t believe her health problems go beyond that. “As long as she dies … no,” he said. Lindsey was in custody of her daughter, but she visited her regularly and said she loved her deeply. “If she needs my heart, I’ll give her today,” he said. Lindsey not only publicly claimed that her daughter was facing a fatal illness, but also told others that she had faced a terminal diagnosis in the past. In a recent court filing, Jamie claimed that Lindsey once claimed to die of a brain tumor and began interviewing her family to adopt Riley after death, WEWS reports. The allegations made in this case are eerily reminiscent of Claudin’Dee Dee’Blanchard and her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Dee Dee is said to have forced her to undergo unnecessary treatment, including painful surgery, for years, claiming she had everything from leukemia to muscular dystrophy. Gideon Fell once told Dr. Phil that he had to use a wheelchair for more than 10 years while he had to undergo 30 surgeries, including eyes, throat and salivary glands, was placed in a feeding tube and his mother was suffering from proxy M√ľnchhausen. Said that. Mental health conditions that supplement or cause illness to the caregiver’s attention. Gypsy Rose eventually decided to rebel against her mother and planned to kill Dee Dee with her boyfriend Nicholas Godejon. The explosion was investigated in a two-hour special episode of the oxygen “killer couple.” According to Springfield News-Leader, Gypsy Rose was found guilty of a second murder as part of an arrangement with a prosecutor and sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison.

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