‘Obama’s documents were handled properly’

fox news/screenshot

fox news/screenshot

As it becomes more and more apparent that Donald Trump may have espionage law violation By keeping “top secret” government documents in his private residence, the former president turned into a familiar excuse. So did Obama.

“President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, many of which were classified. How many of them were related to nuclear power? Posted on his social media platforms on Friday.

But shortly afterward, Fox News chief political anchor Brett Byer took pains to let viewers know that Trump’s “about nothing” doctrine is worth nothing.

“We have a process,” Byer explained, and President Obama said, “We followed those processes and got those documents to Chicago.” “There were a lot of complaints that it wasn’t posted online as promised,” he said, but “how they were handled was done by that process.”

“President Obama’s documents were handled properly,” Bayer added. “And the question is, if Trump’s lawyers and the former president alleges, do they have the evidence and process for these documents?”

Specifically, Trump claims he personally “declassified” all the documents in question.Michael Scott’s declaration of bankruptcy upon office— but as Bayer also pointed out Fox Friday afternoon, it’s not that simple.

“Right now it’s a big power that the president has, a broad power to declassify, but there’s also the necessary regulation and the process has to be done,” he explained. “It’s not like you wave your cane and say all these boxes have been declassified.”

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