Odell Beckham Jr. leaves the Rams celebration and comforts 49ers star Deebo Samuel

Odell Beckham Jr. leans forward and comforts Deebo Samuel sitting on a bench with a towel on his head.

Odell Beckham Jr. took some time to share some words with Deebo Samuel.Via FOX / NFL

  • The Rams defeated the 49ers to make the Super Bowl.

  • The camera then showed Odell Beckham Jr. comforting 49ers star Deebo Samuel on the bench.

  • Beckham had a huge performance of 9 catches and 113 yards in the game.

Odell Beckham Jr. made the first Super Bowl of his career on Sunday, but he suspended the celebration to comfort Deebo Samuel.

After the Los Angeles Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 to create the Super Bowl, the camera captured Beckham as a bystander and spoke to the emotional Forty-niners’ aggressive star.

The camera then showed that Samuel was still sitting on the bench and handling the moment.

Both players performed a sterling performance in the NFC Championship. Samuel, the unit that does all of the 49ers, had a 72-yard receive yard, a 26-yard rush yard, and a 49ers touchdown.

Beckham, meanwhile, scored 113 yards in nine catches. This includes an important 29-yard reception in 2nd and 10th.

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