Off-duty prison officer shoots armed Bronx robbery after being seduced by a woman on a date promise

Off-duty prison officers shot a pair of armed robbers in Bronx after being seduced to meet a woman who promised him a date, police sources said.

The prison officer thought he was meeting 21-year-old Diamond Sanchez around 6 pm on Saturday, but she had other plans for him, sources said.

Police did not disclose the name of the prison officer in his twenties and could not say whether he worked in a city or state.

The prison officer and Sanchez are E. 183rd St from Fordham Heights. And Tiebout St. Two men, Christopher Santana (22 years old) and Leonel Quevas (26 years old), approached them while sitting in the car at.

One of the duos pulled out a gun and demanded the prison officer’s belongings, but the victim was also armed and fired from inside the car.

The prison officer shot Quevas multiple times on his chest and sprayed Santana on his stomach, back and hips.

The doctor took both men to St. Barnabas Hospital. Quevas is in crisis there. Santana is in a stable condition, police said.

According to police sources, one of the duo dropped a gun and Sanchez tried to hide it.

All three have been charged with robbery and criminal possession of weapons while Sanchez has also been charged with falsifying evidence.

According to police sources, prison officers do not face any charges.