Officer “Taser Gun Mistock Gun”

Police officers shot and killed a black man in a US city in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the police chief said.

The 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot after a police officer intended to use a taser gun, but instead accidentally pulled the gun, Secretary Tim Gannon told reporters.

The officer was later named Kim Potter, who had worked for the Brooklyn Center Police for 26 years.

Mr. Wright’s death caused protests and a curfew was declared.

Late Monday, the crowd met against the curfew on the second night outside the Brooklyn Center Police Headquarters. Witnesses said some had thrown fireworks and bottles at police officers who reacted with tear gas and stun grenade.

Tensions are rising in nearby Minneapolis as the trial of a former police officer accused of killing George Floyd continues.

On April 12, 2021, the day after Daunte Wright was shot dead by police officers, protesters threw fireworks at police outside the Brooklyn Center Police Station.

Protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Station on the second night

Daunte Wright was pulled in a traffic violation on Sunday but struggled when he tried to get back into the car.

At a press conference on Monday, Chief Ganon played a short video from a body camera worn by a police officer. This indicates that Mr. Wright is returning to the car while police officers are trying to handcuff by the side of the road.

Police officers can hear saying “taser, taser, taser”-the normal police procedure before firing one of the stun guns. Mr. Wright can be seen getting into the car and running away, but the same officer says, “Oh my god, I just shot him.”

The fatally injured Mr. Wright crashed several roads.

“The policeman intended to deploy a taser gun, but I believe he shot him with a single bullet. There is nothing I can say to relieve the pain,” Ganon added.

The policeman has been on leave. That is, she will be paid while the investigation is taking place.

At the same press conference, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said he would do everything with his power to “ensure that justice is done for Dawnte Wright.”

“Our heart is hurting now, we are suffering now. We realize that this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. This is all of our community, in America. Everything, in fact, everything in the world sees. “

Protest and curfew

Angry protests erupted at the Brooklyn Center on Sunday night as news of Mr. Wright’s death spread.

Hundreds of protesters chanting his name gathered late outside police headquarters.

About 20 businesses in a nearby shopping center were later invaded. Reported by Star TribuneSporadic looting is widespread in parts of Minneapolis.

It urged authorities to enforce curfew on Sunday night and Monday. The mayor of St. Paul, adjacent to Minneapolis, declared a local state of emergency.. Another curfew is in effect in two cities from 19:00 to 06:00 local time.

At the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn Center police station the day after Dawn Wright was shot dead by police officers.

At the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn Center police station the day after Dawn Wright was shot dead by police officers.

When the darkness fell on Monday, the riot police ordered the protesters to disband, but the crowd remained, CBS reported. Police then began deploying gas cylinders and stun grenades, according to field reporters.

Members of the Minnesota National Guard, who were tried for the murder of Derek Chauvin, were also sent to the Brooklyn Center.

National ice hockey, basketball, baseball The game scheduled to play on Monday night has been postponed..

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Barbara Prett-Usher, BBC News

One sign of protest caught the mood of “in trial !!?”. I read it in bright orange letters.

“It’s ridiculous,” said the young man who had it. “They now know that they have a delicate relationship with the black community and should appear to be making amends instead.”

City officials said the shootings shouldn’t have happened at a worse time because of the heightened tensions over the George Floyd case.

Some protesters threw bottles and set fireworks at the police line. The officers in the riot control equipment stood ruthlessly, and they released their anger. “You killed him, for what?” Exclaimed a young woman.

“He was a son, a father, and a black man who deserved to live.” “Do you know the difference between a gun and a taser?” Exclaimed someone else. “Yes,” the crowd barked and despised the police chief’s belief that shooting was a tragic mistake.

“There is no room for an accident,” said one man. “The fact is that we lost another young black man to a police officer.”



How did Daunte Wright’s family react?

Wright’s mother, Katie, said her heart was “broken into thousands … I miss him very much.”

“He’s my life, he’s my son, and I can never get it back,” she said on Monday. “Is it because of a mistake? Is it because of an accident?”

Earlier, she talked about how her son called her during a traffic outage. He said he was pulled because of “the air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror.” She then said she heard scratches and the phone line was cut off.

“One minute later I called, and his girlfriend was a car passenger, and said he was shot … and my son was lying dead there. “

Why Minneapolis is so nervous

Derek Chauvin’s trial over George Floyd’s death has been underway in the city for two weeks.

Chauvin was filmed on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes during an arrest operation in Minneapolis last May.

The footage of the incident sparked a worldwide protest against racism.

The trial is now in its third week, and law enforcement officials are preparing for potential anxiety after the jury reaches the verdict.

The death of George Floyd caused a wave of protests throughout the city. Many were peaceful, but some were violent, with hundreds of buildings damaged.