Officially explain why the new Apple TV remote does not have AirTag-style positioning function

Apple TV Remote


Along with the new version of Apple TV 4K, there is also a newly designed remote control, giving users a more convenient large-screen operating experience. However, the remote control is obviously the easiest thing to disappear on the sofa, but why didn’t Apple put the technology of their newly launched small object positioning device AirTag into it? Especially the ultra-wideband technology that can provide precise positioning.Tim Twerdahl, the vice president of Apple TV marketing, was with MobileSyrup In the interview, an official explanation was provided.

Twerdahl said that AirTag is not only used to locate things at home, but also to be taken out of the house, so the remote control does not need to add related technology. And the design of the new version is thick enough to prevent it from falling into the sofa so easily.

But in fact, the biggest reason for not adding the positioning function of the Apple TV remote control, I believe it is the cost. Although the single-sale price is already as high as HK$429, even an increase in the price may scare people. If you really can’t find the remote control, you have to use the iPhone’s built-in remote control.

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