Officially held votes throughout Ontario for state elections

Voting has officially started in Ontario.

Voting began this morning across the state after a month-long election campaign in which political parties vie for the best approach to affordability, healthcare and infrastructure.

Opinion polls conducted early in the campaign suggest that progressive conservatives led by Doug Ford are ready to form a second majority government.

Ford is primarily campaigning for his party’s promise to build Ontario highways and hospitals, as well as other means he advertises as job creators, and has recently limited media access. Holds the possibility.

Both the New Democratic and liberal leaders have presented themselves as the only alternative to Ford’s Tories, not explicitly stating that they will work together in the case of a progressive conservative minority. Hmm.

After her party made a profit in 2018 to form an official opposition in the state legislature, it could be the final election as the NDP leader of Andrea Howas, who will hold a fourth election at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Horwath cast a ballot on Hamilton on Thursday morning.

Her party proposes to speed up Ontarian’s Pharmacare and Dental Care plans, hire more nurses and teachers, cover mental health and contraception, and raise the minimum wage to $ 20 in 2026. Did.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party wants to rebuild after a catastrophic defeat four years ago, when caucuses were reduced to just seven seats after spending more than a decade in government.

Leader Stephen del Duca, who lost his seat in 2018, also faces an apparently tough race in his own riding at Vaughan Woodbridge, although he intends to stick as a leader regardless of the outcome. increase.

The liberal platform includes plans to require COVID-19 vaccination to attend school, remove state HST for cooked foods under $ 20, and raise the minimum wage to $ 16 per hour by next year. I am.

Ontario Greens offers free mental health coverage to reach net zero emissions by 2045 and protect 30% of Ontario’s land and water by 2030.

The party, led by Mike Schleiner, wants to expand the one-seat caucuses that Schleiner won in Guelph four years ago, aiming for a potential opening at Parry Sound Muskoka.

Ford will vote for today’s Toronto vote, and Howas will vote in Hamilton.

Leaders are expected to hold an event in the evening after the results are announced.

In the Ontario elections, more than one million people voted in the pre-voting last month, noting the surge in required mail ballots compared to the 2018 elections.

This voting kit has been mailed to 126,135 voters, up from 15,202 votes in the previous election.

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