Officials have confirmed that eight people were killed in a shooting at the San Jose Railroad Yard. The archer is also dead.

San Jose shooting

Law enforcement officer at the shooting site at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority facility in San Jose, California, May 26. Noah Burger / AP

  • Several people were shot dead at a VTA in San Jose, California, Wednesday morning.

  • Authorities confirmed that eight people and shooters were killed in the shooting in the railroad yard.

  • Authorities are also investigating reports of explosive devices inside railroad yard buildings.

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Nine people, including the shooter, were killed on Wednesday in a mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority’s depot in downtown San Jose, California, officials said.

The shooter, identified in local news as Samuel Cassidy, set fire to his home and drove to a VTA union meeting where he began shooting, sources said. Los Angeles TimesAccording to police, the shooting call was made at 6:34 am local time, and the shooting was made between the night and morning shift changes.

The archer has died, Sgt said. Russell Davis, spokesman for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

According to authorities, the VTA employee was one of the injured. The quarrel appeared to be a workplace dispute, and the rider was not involved, sources told the LA Times.

VTA Chairman Glenn Hendricks told reporters Wednesday morning that the organization had maintained the vehicle and fired at the VTA Light Railyard where the vehicle was dispatched.

Authorities were investigating reports of explosive devices inside the VTA building, and the bomb squad was working on cleaning the building.

“Today is a terrifying day for our city,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said at a news conference. “Today is a tragic day for the VTA family, and it’s heartbreaking for family and colleagues because they know that many are deeply aware of the loss of this loved one or friend.” He later announced a relief fund for the victims and a rally at 6 pm local time.

Sgt. Davis told reporters at a press conference in the afternoon that authorities suspected the shooter had committed suicide on the scene. He also did not share the type of gun used in the attack.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris issued a statement on Wednesday calling on Congress to take action on gun control.

“I have a solemn obligation to order a half-mast to be lowered at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, weeks after the shootings at the spas in and around Atlanta. Rockhill, South Carolina, and Indiana. The Fedex facility in Indianapolis, Colorado is sufficient. ”

“Once again, I urge Congress to take immediate action, listen to the calls of Americans, including the majority of gun owners, and help end this epidemic of gun violence in the United States. All life taken by pierces the soul We can and must do more. “

At a press conference in San Jose Wednesday afternoon, California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his condolences to the victims and complained about the current state of gun violence.

“We all gathered here today, saw the scene, listened to the governor, mayor, and chief, and heard similar tones and words, expressions of condolence, all the right feelings and perhaps the right words, It asks a terrible question. “He said,” What’s wrong with the United States? What’s wrong with us? “

“And when do we understand this and lower our arms literally and figuratively? Our politics, old rhetoric, pointing and all hands are astonishing, creating more anger and frustration. Squeeze, and this kind of scene repeats over and over again, “newsam added. “Not as governor, but as a father of four, and as a member of a community that cares about it deeply, I say that, so we have time to work on them all.”

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