Officials say boaters rescued the boats just in time for the water to overtake the boats on Lake Louisiana.

According to Louisiana officials, two men had to pull out of the sunken ship as water filled their ship early Thursday near Lake Pontchartrain.

US Coast Guard officials said it was a good Samaritan who warned them about a 20-foot recreational boat with two sailors on board and half submerged. Onlookers found a man who was seen waving his arms for help.

According to officials, the Coast Guard New Orleans helicopter unit and boat crew were dispatched to the struggling ship.

One of the boaters suffered from hypothermia and was airlifted to the University of New Orleans Medical Center for treatment. The boat crew took another man to New Orleans Station, where he was treated by emergency medical staff.

Southeastern Louisiana and parts of the Mississippi coast Received a frost recommendation on Thursday night At the beginning of Friday, temperatures dropped in the mid-30s, according to the National Weather Service in New Orleans. Wind recommendations were also implemented.

“Remember Always check the condition of the sea In a Twitter post, the forecaster mentions the current danger of small vessels due to “strong winds and rough waves.”