Officials say Bolsonaro may have left Brazil for Florida

SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazil’s vice president’s office says he’s become acting president. This marks President Jair Bolsonaro leaving the country and breaking tradition by skipping Sunday’s inauguration of his political enemy Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

The public relations office of Bolsonaro’s vice president, General Hamilton Mouran, confirmed to journalists that he is the president. Whenever the President of Brazil travels abroad, a handover of power to the Vice President takes place.

The Friday edition of the Gazette reported that Bolsonaro was heading to Florida and several officials were given permission to accompany the “future ex-president” to Miami between Jan. 1 and Jan. 30. , said it “provides advice, security and personal information.” support. “

The official Brazilian military plane left the capital Brasilia around 2pm for Orlando, according to the flight tracking website.

In Bolsonaro’s absence, it’s not clear who will hand over the presidential belt to Lula on Sunday.

Bolsonaro has been largely silent since losing the Oct. 30 elections.

The far-right politician, who at times nearly cried, said he could not find legal alternatives or sufficient support to change the course of history and prevent his resignation.

“How difficult it was to remain silent for two months and look for alternatives,” he said. “If you’re upset, put yourself in my place. I gave my life for this country.”

Bolsonaro also condemned the recent bomb threat in Brasilia, saying it was not the time to attack the people, but the time to try to build opposition to a future government.

“We have lost the battle, but we will never lose the war,” he said. “The world doesn’t end on January 1st.”

Thousands of supporters stood outside the presidential palace in torrential rain, waiting for the leader’s signal, and many were disappointed. Some shouted the words “traitor” and “coward.” One woman cried.

Some of Bolsonaro’s most staunch supporters since his election defeat camping outside a military building Brasilia and elsewhere in the country called for military intervention. Many believed the election results to be fraudulent or unreliable and hoped that Bolsonaro would somehow remain in power.

Some have blocked roads and highways, set buses and trucks on fire.Police are also investigating Attempted break-in to federal police headquarters Earlier this month in Brasilia, most of the 32 individuals they were looking for Contacted the pro-Bolsonaro camp in Brasilia.


Jeantet reported from Rio de Janeiro. Associated Press photojournalist Erardo Pérez of Brasilia contributed to this report.