Officials say the 51-year-old will drown after floods wipe out jeeps from Missouri roads

A Missouri woman drowned after flooding a jeep that had flowed off the road into a stream, officials said.

Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish said a vehicle carrying four crew members was washed off the road to Castile Creek near Gower late Friday and stranded for hours overnight.

On Saturday morning, one of the residents arrived at a nearby house and asked for help. The fish said the residents believed they had to wait for the floods to recede.

Clinton County According to the sheriff’s office, lawmakers and firefighters Gauer rescued two crew members, but the fourth crew member died.

Jolene Fader, a 51-year-old Gower resident, Drowning After she was unable to escape the jeep, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Flash occurs due to heavy rain Floods in northwestern Missouri last week. The Missouri Highway Patrol carried out nearly 30 water rescues in the area from Thursday night to Friday morning.

Authorities urged drivers not to drive in the flood.

More Rain is expected In the Kansas City area until Friday.

A boy in Texas drowned on his third birthday while visiting his family in Ohio, sheriffs say. “Tragedy”

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