Officials say the mass mortality of “massive” fish in Missouri actually benefits. what are they?

Big” Fish killed after floods in Missouri Officials said it actually benefits the state’s ecosystem.

According to the Missouri Conservation Department, fish kills have been reported in western Columbia along Interstate Highway 70 on the Missouri River floodplain.

“When the floodplain retreated, many fish did not return to the river, but remained in the floodplain pool,” Missouri Assistant Stephanie Abel of the Department of Conservation and Resource Science said in a news release. “When the water levels in these pools drop naturally, the water temperature rises, the dissolved oxygen decreases, and a large number of fish die.”

A Fish kill Sudden death of a fish in the body of water.

The Missouri Conservation Department has determined that the invading species, silver carp, has died in a fish kill. Silver carp Introduced from Asia to the United States to improve water quality, it is harmful to native species and ecosystems.

“Witnessing such a large number of dead fish is alarming, but the mass deaths of these fish help feed other wildlife species, control the population of the invasive silver carp, and carcasses. Returns beneficial nutrients to the soil, “officials said in the news. release.

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