Officials trying to prevent a “catastrophic” collapse of Florida’s wastewater reservoir

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, R, said Manatee County officials could flood residential areas with hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water if a damaged Piny Point wastewater reservoir was completely ruptured. After warning, he declared an emergency.

Piny Point is located on the premises of a former phosphate plant and holds millions of gallons of water containing phosphorus and nitrogen. Officials say water is as acidic as a cup of black coffee. On Friday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced that one of the walls of the reservoir had been damaged, and when trying to resolve the issue on Saturday, workers determined that there was an imminent danger of collapse. ..

To relieve pressure, two pipes pump thousands of gallons of water per minute from Piny Point to Tampa Bay. USA Today Report. Hundreds of people living near the reservoir have been told to evacuate, and Manatee County deputy administrator Scott Hopes told reporters Sunday that a complete tear in the wall could cause a “20-foot water wall.” He said it shows that there is.

Authorities “are trying to prevent and respond to actual catastrophic flood conditions, if necessary,” DeSantis said on Sunday. The site is owned by HRK Holdings, and DeSantis currently states that it is “focused on ensuring the safety of the community,” but his administration “completely damages state resources.” Dedicated to executing and holding HRK accountable. Event. “

Rory Minaro lives just outside the shelter and USA Today Information about leaks in reservoirs is rarely shared with locals. The last incident happened in 2011, she said, “Why it’s still going on, why no one stepped up and did nothing? They ruined Tampa Bay and all real estate owners here. I will do it. ” It’s ridiculous. “

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