Ofgem begins reviewing energy network companies’ response to Storm Arwen


The UK’s Department of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) began a review on Friday about its response to Storm Awen after more than 10,000 power outages over the course of a week.

Energy regulators said the review will focus on the role of network operators in maintaining system resilience and emergency response, including customer communication.

The network company also agreed to remove the £ 700 ($ 926) compensation limit, adding that customers could claim compensation for more than 6.5 days.

Customers can receive £ 70 ($ 92.6) compensation for the first 48 hours of a power outage and then £ 70 compensation every 12 hours thereafter.

According to Ofgem, network companies have “faced a difficult situation” and have restored power to nearly a million people, while in parts of Scotland and northern England, 10,500 people are still losing power.

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Jim and Belinda Muir, who live in Honey Nook Farm in Aberdeenshire Mode, had a power outage on December 3, 2021 for over a week. (Jane Barlow / Pennsylvania)

Regulators said they would “establish the facts” and pursue further enforcement measures as needed.

Ofgem’s chief engineer, Peter Bingham, said the team visited sites in the most devastated areas of Scotland and northern England and “identified themselves with the major challenges facing network companies.” ..

“We have lessons to learn from responding to this storm by discussing with affected customers and industry colleagues in these areas and can we use them to improve consumer support in the future? I know exactly what you are doing, “he said.

“The absolute priority is to bring people back to power as soon as possible,” said Jonathan Brearley, CEO of Ofgem.

“There are strict rules about how network companies need to operate in these situations, and we take action as needed,” he said, to improve future consumer support. He added that a review will begin to learn lessons.

In northeastern Scotland, about 1,600 Scotland and Southern Power Network (SSEN) customers remain out of supply at 10 am on Friday, while about 130 troops conduct visits to provide welfare assistance. Was dispatched to.

The Durham County Council, south of the border, said about 100 military and female personnel will be based in Weardale to help the locals.

A serious incident has also been declared in Northumberland as a result of the weather, and Northumberland County Council Chief Executive Officer Dargit Larry is seeking further assistance in emergency services to assist residents.

More on the additional support available later.

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