Ohio Democratic Primary Emerges as a Progressivist Test

Cleveland (AP) — In the midst of constant sunshine and rising humidity, Nina Turner led a small procession of voters to a polling place east of Cleveland last week, making the group a long block, even if they dirt across the street. I crossed and guided to the pedestrian crossing. Easier.

“We don’t want you to break the law,” the aide warned. “Let’s get down to the light.”

Turner has built a national reputation as the leader in Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, launched a crowd of packed auditoriums, and called for bold action to combat universal health and climate change. But in the face of next month’s elections, Turner will focus on more mundane aspects of the campaign, including avoiding J-Walking to encourage supporters to vote and reassure her brand politics that it’s still in the Democratic Party. I’m guessing.

“Whether mainline Democrats get this or not, what I can add is that they can speak the language of people in all disciplines,” Turner said in an interview. “It’s important for the expansion of the Democratic Party.”

Turner is best known of the more than 12 Democrats competing to replace former lawmakers. Mercia Fudge, Leaving Congress to become President Joe Biden’s home chief. The August 3rd Primary is shaped as one of the final tests of this year’s progressive. Faced a setback in another raceIncludes the Democratic primary elections of the Governor of Virginia and the Mayor of New York.

With the advantage of only six seats in the House of Representatives, some Democrats are taking aggressive steps to slow Turner and support more centrist options.

House majority Whip Jim Clyburn, House’s top black parliamentarian, support He helped Biden secure a Democratic nomination last year and supports county council member Shontelle Brown over Turner. Hillary Clinton, the political arm of black federal executives, several major unions, and more than 100 local leaders are doing the same.

Although federal regulations prohibit Fudge from approving the race, her mother appeared in a Brown commercial.

Contests have emerged as a future substitute for the Democratic Party, but local leaders say voters are able to create jobs, deal with crime, and access health care, despite the concentration of Cleveland majors. He said he was more worried about issues such as improvements. Hospital chain.

“People are trying to make this moderate vs. progressive. Cleveland councilor Brain Griffin, who is in favor of Turner but is a friend of everyone running, said, he said. Regardless of his ideology, he added, “No one likes poverty, car speeding, rough roads and bridges.”

The district is shaped like a hatchet with an oversized head that meanders from Cleveland to Akron, about 40 miles south. Fifty-three percent of the population is African-American, with nearly a quarter of its inhabitants in poverty. Winners of the deep blue primary may cruise for victory in the November general election.

Turner, a 53-year-old community college professor, crossed Sanders and the country in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections after serving as a member of the Cleveland City Council, a state senator, and running for Ohio’s Secretary of State. Did.

Her signature phrase, “Hello, Someone!” Became a fixture for the campaign and yelled overjoyed at the crowds across the country. But those who worked with Turner in Cleveland many years ago remember her with another tagline. “Do you feel me?” She first used it for an otherwise unresponsive youth audience.

Talking to voters, Turner points out the experience of a mother who died uninsured at the age of 42 and explains her support for universal health insurance under the “Medicare for All.” Turner also says he wants to eradicate student loans. She knows the puncture wound: she and her son owe a total of nearly $ 100,000 on a loan she is still paying back.

However, the presidential primary in the fierce battle between Biden and Sanders left some protracted resentment. The Israeli advocacy group Democratic Majority has created an ad that captures Turner, who once compared Biden’s excrement feeding.

Brown pointed out such a moment and insisted that he could accomplish much faster and much more in Washington.

“You don’t have to start with a long letter of apology,” Brown said from a former pet store campaign office. “I can walk through the door in a good relationship and get to work on behalf of the members.”

Rev. Aaron Phillips, secretary-general of the Cleveland Clergy Union, accused Sanders and Turner of splitting the Democratic Party and helped Republican Donald Trump win the president in 2016, he said.

Meanwhile, Brown was “a lifelong loyal Democrat,” Phillips said. “She has never changed.”

Turner says she remains proud and progressive. And while some like-minded candidates haven’t won the race lately, she still “runs the story in this country,” she said. Cargovan, which acts as her mobile campaign office, is slangly labeled as “corporate Democrats want dolls.”

After walking to the polling place, Turner was hanging out in the shade of the van for a moment, and Sam Cooke’s “everyone loves cha-cha-cha” speaker rang and she began to dance.

“I can do this, but there is no song,” she said with a laugh. “There are people with that talent. I’m not one of them.”

Pastor Regis Bunch of the Fifth Christian Church in Cleveland said Turner had a personal connection with voters and was mostly on the big progressive goal of “not as far as many believe.” Insisted that the person was not afraid.

“We need something wider than this liberal paradigm we have lived in,” Bunch said. He was the primary supporter of Sanders and only voted “by force” for Biden last fall.

Nonetheless, Turner denies her becoming a parliamentary provocateur and claims to have worked well with both parties in the state legislature. She also aired a television ad promoting her past work as the Ohio Democratic Party’s engagement chair.

A brown counter that she can actually achieve the transpartisan nature that Turner is talking about.

“The’all or nothing’approach feels like nothing happens in the end. Therefore, we must be able to find a compromise, “she said. “Being a partner does not mean being a puppet.”

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