Ohio governor says it’s ‘ridiculous’ that train derailed by toxic chemicals wasn’t considered dangerous

At a press conference on Tuesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said it was “absurd” that a freight train carrying toxic chemicals derailed on Feb. 3, forcing residents around eastern Palestine to evacuate. rice field. -material’ train.

video transcript

Mike DeWine: And now let me tell you what I learned today. I think it will affect Congress. I learned today from her PUCO in PUCO, Ohio that this train is not considered a High Hazardous Goods train. Let me repeat this. It appears that this train was not considered a high dangerous goods train.

So the railroad didn’t have to inform anyone here in Ohio about the contents of railcars passing through Ohio. I think I’m a member of Congress – and I ask them to look at this. Frankly, if this is true, and I’m being told it’s true, this is ridiculous. And Congress needs to consider how these matters are handled.

I need to know when trains carrying hazardous materials pass through Ohio. So I have asked Congress to look into this and double check what they can find. .