Ohio mayor says police chief will lose his job after leaving a KKK note to a black police officer

Ohio police chief reportedly lost his job after leaving a racist note on a black police officer.

Mayor Shefield Lake Dennis Bring is police chief Anthony Campo Be careful with the word “Ku Klux Klan” At the executive desk on Friday, Cleveland.com reported.

The press got a surveillance video of the chief putting a yellow hooded raincoat on his desk and a piece of paper on it.

Shortly thereafter, the policeman entered the room and saw the note, the video shows.

Bring told WKYC he put it Chief of Police During my leave after learning about notebooks, I fired Campo after watching a video.

Mr. Campo said in a telephone interview that he had retired rather than being fired, WKYC reported. He respected black police and described the case as “exaggerated” and part of a joke, the press reported.

Said the police chief I was going to retire This month, WOIO reported.

Campo has been in the department for 33 years and was the police chief for the previous eight years, Cleveland.com reported. Black police were hired nine months ago, according to media outlets.

Bring told Cleveland.com that he met a police officer and apologized and cried for 10 minutes before they could speak.

“I think this is a complete joke and I think the decision of someone who didn’t understand the magnitude of what he did was very poor,” Bring told WOIO.

Sheffield Lake is a 9,000 city located 25 miles west of Cleveland.

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