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New document shows Matt Gaetz campaign in full damage control mode

Photo Illustration / Photo by The Daily Beast Congressman Matt Gaetz is fighting allegations that he was involved in sex rings. The Florida Republican Party’s latest election funding report reflects public relations scrambling that began before it was recognized as the focus of federal investigations. This filing, which covers the three months from January to March, shows that Gates incurred unprecedented funding costs, usually during quiet times. At that time, Gates dropped a six-digit number in a direct mail blitzkrieg and invested more in funding services than in 2020 as a whole. Gates also paid $ 5,000 for “strategic consulting” to infamous political activist Roger Stone, and many Republican Florida legislators he has never supported. The report also shows that Gates, who proudly cites a shortage of friends in Washington, may be increasingly isolated. We have not received donations from Republican colleagues. How Matt Gaetz, suffering from scandals, became an “excommunication” on Fox News Above all, this submission reflects a coordinated effort to step up support ahead of the creeping shadows of the investigation. Gates spent about $ 170,000 on direct mail outreach this year, one of which was $ 116,543 on March 31st. The day before, the New York Times reported news that the Department of Justice was investigating whether it had sex with a third-term parliamentarian. Gates also made a significant investment in financing and paid approximately $ 160,000 for financing consulting for the Nevada-based Red Rock strategy. According to an analysis of Daily Beast’s FEC database submissions, this is about $ 10,000 more than the sum of the campaigns spent on funding services in 2019 and 2020. Reported that he spent the number. Accusation. The 30-second spot, which will run at his Panhandle home and some national cable networks, asks supporters to “counterattack” against the “weeks of fake news cycle,” especially for CNN. I am. The ad purchase was made after the quarterly submission deadline and is not included in the latest report, but should appear in the next submission scheduled for July. However, one particular cost is frowned upon. $ 5,000 “Strategic Political Consulting”. Fees for Drake Ventures, a company belonging to Roger Stone, a longtime Republican smear artist and Associate of Gates. On Friday, the Justice Department sued Stone and his wife, Nidia, claiming that the couple had millions of dollars in unpaid taxes and used Drake Ventures to protect more than $ 1 million. According to a person familiar with the meeting, a direct meeting with a former Justice Department prosecutor. In a bizarre March 31 interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz talked with his father at the direction of the FBI, without evidence that a former prosecutor was at the center of a complex plan to incite Congressmen. Claimed to have recorded. The Gates campaign had never paid Drake Ventures before. The report also suggests that Gates has few friends in Washington. Gates abandoned the company’s PAC donation, but left the door open for donations from the Candidate Committee. But so far, he hasn’t reported financial support from congressional friends who donated to the 2020 campaign, such as Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise. Gates made a $ 4,000 donation to Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY) on the same day in mid-February, but Gates didn’t donate money to his house colleagues. Gates has sent $ 1,000. Donated to five Republican Florida Senators on January 26. Gates has never donated to any campaign so far. One of the donations reflects Gates’ relationship with Joel Greenberg, a longtime friend of federal prosecution for various crimes, including sexual trafficking. — Guided by a probe targeting Gates. Contributions were directed to Jason Brodeur, Gates’ longtime ally, who was also close to Greenberg through his local Republican circle. Brodeur’s campaign elicited scrutiny of dirty tricks, including suspicion of fake candidate schemes. Brodur denied involvement and continued to win the race, now representing Seminole County in Greenberg at the state level. Gates also continues to build up statutory costs, a pattern established last summer when the Justice Department’s investigation began. The Daily Beast reported that Gates paid $ 38,000 to law firm Venable LLP in June 2020, weeks after Greenberg was first charged. This is almost four times the total statutory costs incurred in the last five years. Caleb Burns, a partner at Wiley Rein, who specializes in election funding law, told The Daily Beast that statutory costs often surge. “The law allows candidates and officers to use election funds for statutory costs arising from their obligations and responsibilities,” Burns explained. “But if an officer gets into a car accident on his way to a grocery store, it has nothing to do with running or holding an office. The law prohibits the use of election funds to cover the resulting legal costs. Therefore, it is not uncommon for candidates and executives facing a scrutiny of political activity to raise additional funding for the campaign to offset the associated legal costs. ”The driving force behind Gates’ investigation. Is said to be focusing on allegations of sexual trafficking, but CNN reported earlier this month that federal investigators are investigating election fund fraud as part of an extensive investigation. Gates can legally use his election funds for these costs. Congressman has already raised money from the scandal. On April 7, Talking Points Memo reported the “Far Left New York Times” as Gates reported “a sneaky claim to me in an attempt to end my career in fighting for the forgotten men and women of this country.” We have released a fund-raising email blaming. The email included a donation link asking supporters to “fight against fake news,” adding that “it’s a shame that the Left is trying to drag my dating life into a political attack.” A parliamentarian at the end of last month told The Daily Beast that he has liked Gates’ policy since arriving in DC, but if the claim is true, Gates “should pay the price.” Another recent donor, Florida-based Jerry Klinger, told The Daily Beast that he gave it to Gates because he agreed with Congressman’s “small government philosophy.” However, Mr. Klinger said, “The shadows that have emerged since then may have suspended me from rethinking.” Klinger was skeptical of the benefits of the Justice Department’s investigation and said he had “no objection” to Gates’ use of his donations for statutory costs. However, he pointed out that MPs came from a wealthy and influential family. “If dad wants to pay his juniors, that’s another story,” he said. Sign up now! 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