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Georgia Governor Blows Stacey Abrams Flip-Flops With Voting Boycott

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp called Democrat Stacey Abrams “the biggest flip-flop since John Kerry” and urged people not to boycott the state under new voter law. Abrams is critical of the new law, claiming that opposition makes it more difficult for individuals, especially black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to vote. But just before Major League Baseball decided to withdraw the All-Star game from Atlanta on Friday, she reportedly would cost $ 100 million in tourism revenue to the area and urged people not to boycott Peach. .. “Blacks, Latino Americans, AAPIs, and Native American voters are the most oppressed [the new law] Most likely to be hurt by a potential boycott in Georgia. Don’t boycott us to our friends. Stay and fight, stay and vote for my fellow Georgians, “Abrams said in a video on Wednesday. Republican Kemp, who defeated Abrams in the state’s 2018 governor’s election, claimed she “has made millions of profits” while appearing in the Fox News story. “People need to chase money and find out why they are doing this so effectively, and to be honest, why they are working so hard on this. That’s the merit of the bill. Has nothing to do with it. It’s political pressure from ethnic minorities, a culture of cancellation. They have been upsetting people for a long time, “he said. “As you know, this is the biggest flip-flop I’ve ever seen since John Kerry,” he added later, adding that the 2004 president was accused of “flip-flops” on many major issues during the campaign. Mentioned candidates. “For those who have put pressure on these companies, do you want to put pressure on Major League Baseball and say don’t come out after the fact and boycott? People are crazy about this.” MLB on Friday. Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement, “The best way to show our value as a sport” after “a thoughtful conversation between clubs, former players and current players, boycotts and player alliances” Has relocated this year’s All-Star Games and MLB Draft. “MLB said,” We basically support the voting rights of all Americans and oppose boycott restrictions. ” “I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Kemp said, in terms of racism and inequality in the new law. “As you know, they don’t mention any particular point of the law. I’m glad to talk through any of them. [CEO’s], by the way. As you know, that’s the biggest lie there, “Kemp said. “clearly [MLB] They were folded under pressure, so I didn’t care what was said, “he added. President Biden’s handler couldn’t even get him a memo card telling him what the bill did. Someone is lying to you. It’s not me. You can read the invoice and prove it. The bill denies accusations that it aims to curb voting, and the law does not set new limits on voting time on election days, making state elections more open without restricting voter access. He points out that he is making it safe. They also claimed that other states, including Biden’s native Delaware, had a more restrictive voting system.