Oklahoma Attorney General urges the Supreme Court to overturn a groundbreaking decision on tribal sovereignty


Oklahoma Lawyer President Asked the Supreme Court On Friday, he claimed that the decision led to a “criminal justice crisis” to overturn the 2020 ruling affirming tribal sovereignty.

Important reason: The petition was issued the day after Patrick Murphy, a convict on death row in Oklahoma, was again convicted in federal court for murder and kidnapping. AP report..

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Newly appointed Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor has petitioned that thousands of state prisoners have challenged decades-old convictions in a High Court ruling, many of which cannot be prosecuted again. Insist.

context: The Supreme Court ruled last year that much of eastern Oklahoma remains a Native American reservation. That is, the Oklahoma prosecutor was not authorized to file criminal charges against Murphy.

  • “This decision has led thousands of crime victims to seek justice from federal and tribal prosecutors who are not equipped to handle these requests,” the petition said. ..

  • “Many crimes have not been investigated or investigated, endangering public safety.”

What they are saying: O’Connor’s petition requires the Supreme Court to consider narrowing the application of the sentence so that violent criminals convicted prior to the sentence can remain in state prisons.

Opposite side: Some tribal lawyers say state warnings have been exaggerated and federal and tribal courts are trying to control the number of cases.

  • Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) has accused Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt of pursuing an “anti-Indian political agenda.”

  • “The governor has never tried to work with the tribes to protect all Oklahomans,” Hoskin said in a statement. “It is perfectly clear that it was always his intention to destroy the Oklahoma settlement and the sovereignty of the Oklahoma tribe, no matter how much it cost.”

Our Fukidashi Park: Native American activists say that if state authorities want to prosecute non-tribal members, the state should sign an agreement with the tribe rather than trying to overturn tribal sovereignty over the federal government, said Russell Contreras of Axios. Stated.

  • Brett Chapman, a lawyer for Tulsa, a registered member of the Pawnee tribe, said state officials were hostile and were trying to ignore tribal sovereignty. “McGirt is a law of land and they need to overcome it,” he told Axios.

Notable: O’Connor filed a petition in connection with Sean Bosse’s case. Bosse, a convict on death row, was convicted of killing his girlfriend and two children in 2010.

  • Bosse is not a tribal citizen, but his victims were tribal citizens and the killings took place in the Chica Sonation settlement.

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