Oklahoma couple accused of having sex after a horrific love triangle murder

Tulsa Police Station

Tulsa Police Station

A murder suspect in Oklahoma said he and his fellow suspects had sex in the victim’s bed because they could hear her “difficult to live” in the next room. It is said to have been approved by the police.

According to the Tulsa police affidavit Local outlet KNWA / KFTA, 28-year-old Nicholas Johnson and 25-year-old Brinley Denison, beat victim Sara Maguire at a bar in her house in Oklahoma earlier this week.

outlet reported The two were charged with first-class murder and theft of a car and admitted to the crime after being arrested at the Whataburger restaurant in Arkansas.

According to the affidavit, police officers discovered that Magwire was unresponsive and violently beaten on the night of January 4. Her family told authorities that Magwire’s car and credit card had been stolen.

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Police then tracked the stolen car to Arkansas, where they found the suspect sleeping in the car. They reportedly used one of Magwire’s credit cards in Whataburger.

In a police interview with Johnson on January 6, he was allegedly involved in a brutal murder and revealed a plot between him and Denison.

He said Johnson and Denison were in a romantic relationship, but Denison is said to have “also had a relationship with the victims.” Johnson told police officers that he was jealous of the relationship between the two women.

He told police that he and Denison had attempted a murder together, and after Johnson attacked her at Bar, Magwire was dead in the living room, so he and Denison had sex in Magwire’s bedroom.

After killing Magwire and stealing her car, they took the clothes she was wearing to dispose of the evidence and threw them out of the car window, the affidavit claims.

They used Magwire’s credit card to pay for the drive, Johnson told police. Denison has also been accused of transferring money from Magwire’s account to a new account shared with Johnson.

Magwire’s sister Jamie posted a statement on Facebook on January 5 praising the work of the Tulsa police.

“Our family was devastated this week. My sister Sarah died of meaningless violence,” she writes. “Keep our family in your prayer while we navigate this time. Rest assured that justice is being offered.”

Johnson and Denison will eventually be returned to Oklahoma. Their bail is set at over $ 1 million per case.

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