Oklahoma court sentenced five more first-class murder charges

Oklahoma City (AP) —The Oklahoma Supreme Court of Appeals dismisses five more first-class murder charges on Thursday based on a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on criminal jurisdiction in India. did.

The two decisions of the Oklahoma Criminal Appeals Court have never formally abandoned the reservations of the Choctaw and Seminole countries, and by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision. McGart IncidentThe state lacks jurisdiction to prosecute Native American crimes or against Native Americans within these historic boundaries.

State prosecutors no longer have criminal jurisdiction over crimes involving Indians in almost the entire eastern half of the state, coupled with similar previous rulings on the settlements of the Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Mascogie (Creek) states. ..

Among recent decisions was the first-class murder conviction of Cadetrix Devon Grayson, 28, a Seminole Nation citizen who was convicted of two people being shot dead in Seminole in 2015. There was a decision to destroy. Devin Warren Sizemore, a 26-year-old citizen of Coctonation, was convicted of drowning a 21-month-old daughter near Krebs in 2016.

The court ruled that Seminole is within the historic boundaries of Seminole Nation and Krebs is within the boundaries of the Choctaw Nation settlement. Another first-class murder thrown on Thursday was a murder in a Cherokee and Muscogee settlement, and the court ruled that it had not been dismantled.

Thursday’s ruling is the latest in a flood of appeal court rulings that overturns McGart’s criminal conviction with dramatic consequences. Increased workload For federal prosecutors who have to rehear the case in federal court. They remain in custody until federal proceedings take place.

Native American defendants may also be prosecuted in tribal courts for less serious crimes. Choctaw Nation announced Thursday that it has six full-time lawyers at the Tribal Public Prosecutor’s Office and is ready to file more than 125 criminal proceedings in the district court.

“Coordination with Oklahoma, the local prosecutor’s office in the reservation, and the Choctaw Nation Public Security Bureau should prevent individuals currently imprisoned from being released solely on the basis of McGart’s claim of jurisdiction,” said Choctaw. Carabacon, a tribe of Nation, said. Prosecutor.