Oklahoma Guard Leader Instructs Vaccine Rejectors to Prepare for “End of Career Federal Action”


Oklahoma Leadership National Guard He acknowledges that the fight against the federal government over the COVID-19 vaccine obligation could ultimately lead to the military’s “federal action to end its career.”

Brig.General Thomas Mannino, Top Officer of Oklahoma Guard Issue a statement Thursday began with a strong defense of service members under his responsibility to exercise their “personal responsibility” and “right not to take the vaccine”.

But when Mancino began to realize that he and Republican Governor Kevin Stitt had limited authority, the message was immediately pivoted.

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“Anyone who fulfills his personal responsibilities and decides not to vaccinate must be aware of the potential careers to end federal action. [sic] There are favorable decisions, legislative interventions, or policy changes. ”

The formation of the National Guard is unique to the military in that it has two obligations to both the state and the federal government. Under the authority of the governor, the guards are said to be operating under title 32. However, when deployed by the federal government, they operate under the so-called Title 10 order and are commanded by the President.

“The Governor has used the authority under Title 32 to allow a limited safe harbor within the authority to avoid being subject to the negative actions of Title 10 by not taking the vaccine,” Mancino said. explained.

This distinction (when and who the individual guards will ultimately receive the order) is The heart of the battle between Oklahoma and the Pentagon..In that battle, with Stitt Withholding threat from the Pentagon payment..

In one of the last paragraphs of his message, Mancino states that he is “fully vaccinated and has boosters added.”

“Based on millions of doses, I believe the vaccine is safe and effective against COVID-19,” he writes.

In his message, Mancino finally admitted that “continuous service in the National Guard requires a connection with the authority of Title 10.”

“Such connections, including training events, schools and mobilization, will eventually drive you out of that safe harbor and impose title 10 authority on you. This is a reality,” his statement said. ..

To increase Politicalization of the National Guard This means that Oklahoma guards are not the only army stuck between state and federal positions. A spokesperson for Stitt told Military.com last week that at least five other Republican governors are considering a similar move.

Stitt and other governors may be keen to test the limits of their powers over the Pentagon and other federal governments, but Mancino’s message reveals that the struggle can have consequences for guards. ing.

“It is important not to mistake my active defense of the Governor’s rights under Title 32, as a guarantee that we will not face the consequences of the authority of Title 10,” Mancino wrote. “I don’t have that power.”

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