Oklahoma lawmaker beaten by car, male shot dead

Antlers, Oklahoma (AP) — A man who slammed a deputy sheriff in a car early Sunday morning was shot dead by the deputy sheriff following a follow-up in a rural area in southeastern Oklahoma, officials said.

According to the Oklahoma State Research Agency, he left by car after Deputy Sheriff Pushmataha stopped the man at about 2:45 am west of Antlers.

According to OSBI, deputies tracked a car, also carrying female passengers, for miles along a rural county road.

Eventually, the man stopped and the lawmakers approached. When the passenger was dropped out of the car, the man tried to drive again and hit his agent in the car, OSBI said.

According to Oklahoma State State University (OSBI) State University, police shot dead a man who died on the scene.

OSBI said an adjutant had been treated by a doctor for a non-life-threatening injury.

The investigating OSBI said the name of the murdered man would be made public after being notified to his family.