Oklahoma woman sentenced to life in prison after admitting to asking her girlfriend to kill husband of allegedly abusive pastor

An Oklahoma woman was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole on Wednesday She admitted to asking her boyfriend to kill her allegedly abusive husbandsaid the pastor, her lawyer.

Kristy Evans, 49, was given a much heavier “split sentence” of four years in prison and life probation sought by attorney Joy Miskel.

Miskel said prosecutors had sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the March 22, 2021 murder of his husband of 30 years, David Evans, pastor of Ada’s Harmony Free Will Baptist Church. He said he was looking for it.

The Pontotoc County prosecutor in charge of the case, Tara Portillo, was not available for comment Wednesday.

Christy Evans will be eligible for parole in 2060 after serving most of 45 years, Miskel said.

At Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, Evans testified that she asked her girlfriend, Carlyle Square, to fatally shoot her husband while he was sleeping. NBC affiliate KFOR reported.

She initially reported that an apparent intruder had killed him, but testified that guilt “ate her alive” and surrendered to the authorities in order to “get along with God.”

Christie Evans has described her husband as “attractive” and “sleek” on the outside but controlling and abusing her and her three children behind closed doors, the agency said. reported.

Christie and David Evans.  (Courtesy Britney Long)

Christie and David Evans. (Courtesy Britney Long)

In a prison interview last year, Kristy Evans told NBC News Her husband repeatedly pressured her to have sex with other men, including Square, and he once shot a .357 revolver to his chin after she threatened divorce.

She described him as physically abusing and controlling him financially, and an expert told NBC News their relationship looked like a “classic case” of coercive control. .

KFOR reports that prosecutors countered that Christie Evans was a “very good liar” who used Square to write sexually explicit messages to other men behind bars.

Kahlil Square attorney Tony Coleman said Wednesday that he believed Evans’ punishment was consistent with the court’s “understanding of the evidence and law.”

Square, in his 20s, pleaded not guilty to the murder but admitted to pulling the trigger, Coleman said.

“There will be repeated claims that Evans was the principal,” Coleman said.

“Kahlil should not have been lured into this trap,” he added.

David Evans’ mother, Gene Richardson, on Wednesday believed the judge had made the right decision.

“I don’t know if there is justice, but I don’t believe in the death penalty,” said 80-year-old Richardson.

Christy Evans’ daughter, Brittney Long, has publicly stood up for her mother, saying her father was abusive.

Long recalled her mother confessing to the murder and saying, “Even if you spend the rest of your life in prison, you’ll be freer than you were with your dad.”